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Serving Manchester, VT

TradeMark Demolition Services specializes in house demolition and a wide range of other demolition services. We have the equipment and expertise to safely remove homes of all shapes and sizes in a timely and efficient manner.

1545 West Road, Bennington VT 05201

Located in Bennington, Vermont and serving surrounding communities, Jerome Construction specializes in providing top-quality demolition, excavating, landscaping, and land clearing services.

Serving Manchester, VT

Lucky’s Enterprises Inc, based out of North Clarendon, VT, is a full-service demolition and removal contractor. We specialize in residential services, including mobile home demolition, house demolition, oil tank removal, and more.

Serving Manchester, VT

For expert house demolition and deconstruction, count on the pros at Deconstruction Works to get it done right! We have years of experience dismantling and demolishing homes throughout the area. We recycle or donate as much as 80% of the debris, helping to keep landfill waste at a minimum.

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House & Garage Demolition Tips

Save a little money on your demolition.

Do what you can (safely) on your own. Deconstruct the salvageable, easy-to-get-to materials within your property before the contractors come out. You'd be surprised how much reusable material is in your home, like flooring, molding, cabinets, and more. Even if you're not interested in it, someone else very well could be, and you could make a little money while helping out a neighbor.



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