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Black River Contracting

Rapid City, SD

Black River Contracting provides interior demolition services for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. We set ourselves above the rest with our attention to detail, customer-oriented service, and honest prices. more


R.C.S. Construction Inc

Rapid City, SD

R.C.S. Construction Inc, you can count on us to deliver excellence at every stage of your interior demolition project, from proposal through completion. Whether you need interior or structural demo, our crew can get it done! more


BTD Enterprise, LLC

Rapid City, SD

BTD Enterprise, LLC has been providing quality interior demolition services for our clients in Rapid City and the Black Hills area of South Daktota for over a decade. Reach out today for a free quote! more


Johner and Sons

Spearfish, SD

At Johner & Sons, we’ve been serving Spearfish, SD and nearby communities for decades. Our years of experience have allowed us to successfully complete countless projects, ranging from the smallest to the biggest and most complex. We are committed... more


Mainline Contracting

Rapid City, SD

With more than 125 years of experience, Mainline Contracting knows what it takes to complete demolition and utility construction projects throughout the Rapid City and Black Hills area. In business since 2000, we pride ourselves in completing projects in a... more

Interior Demolition Tips for Sturgis, SD

Demolition Tips for Interior Projects

What steps are involved in bathroom demolition?

Demolishing a bathroom is a common interior demolition project. Depending on how much demolition and remodeling you plan on doing, each bathroom renovation comes with its own individual characteristics. 

However, follow these 5 basic steps if you plan to give your bathroom a full remodel:

  • Step 1: Shut off the electricity and water supply
  • Step 2: Pull out sink(s), vanity, and cabinets
  • Step 3: Remove the toilet
  • Step 4: Tear out the bathtub and/or shower
  • Step 5: Rip out the walls and flooring

Learn more about bathroom demolition: 5 Beyond-Easy Ways to Save on Bathroom Demolition Costs.