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Jones Excavating

Hebo, OR

Jones Excavating goes above and beyond for each and every client we work with to ensure that their project is completed to their satisfaction. Our experienced and dynamic team is able to accomplish a variety of jobs, including mobile home... more


Parker Concrete

Forest Grove, OR

At Parker Concrete, the goal is always the same, whether they are working with a homeowner or commercial builder—excellent services for fair prices. They have the capacity to complete demolition projects of all shapes and sizes. more

Mobile Home Demolition Tips for Idaville, OR

Tips for Mobile Home Demolition

Do I need a permit for mobile home demolition?

In almost every zoned township throughout the country, mobile home demolition requires a permit. Most permits also require a fee, which can range between $100 and $350+. The cost of your area's mobile home demolition permit will vary depending on where you live. Discuss permits with your contractor, because generally speaking, the demolition contractor handles permits, and the fees are included in the demolition price; but this isn't always the case.