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Interior Demolition Tips for Columbus, OH

Tips for Interior Demolition

Do I need a permit for my interior demolition project?

A majority of cities require permits for interior demolition projects just as they would for structural demolition projects. Permits can usually be acquired at your local Buildings Department and are basically a way of stating that you acknowledge and will follow the necessary protocol before (and while) performing any demo:

  • Shut off all utilities
  • Ensure there is no water running to the building
  • Notify neighbors of upcoming demolition

If you're hiring a demolition contractor, they will likely get the required permit(s) for you, but be sure to confirm this with them. Once you’ve received your permit, post it on the front door of the property. That way, any passersby are aware that the work going on inside is legal. Also, be aware that if asbestos is present in the building, you’ll likely need to get an additional permit for the removal.