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NH Earthworks LLC

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Pittsfield, NH
  • Partial Demolition
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Total Demolition
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Local experts
  • Family owned and operated

NH Earthworks is a family owned and operated business with 20+ years of experience working within the commercial demolition industry. Our company takes pride in providing a quality service to our customers treating each project as if it was our own... more

Nationwide Demolition & Junk Removal logo

Nationwide Demolition & Junk Removal

Gardner, MA

Here at Nationwide Demolition & Junk Removal, we do a lot of different jobs, including commercial demolition. With environment conservation in mind, we go to great lengths to recycle as much material that we tear down as possible. Don't wait! Contact... more


North Star

(1) -
Gardner, MA

Get your commercial demolition project completed on schedule and on budget with North Star. We’re a family owned and operated demolition provider with decades of experience in the construction & demolition industry. We’re equipped for handling small commercial demo,... more


All Demolition & Asbestos Services LLC

Gilmanton, NH

All Demolition & Asbestos Services LLC is a family owned and operated company specializing in asbestos removal and residential interior demolition services. We offer the added advantage of two-fold services, allowing us to take a project from... more


Deconstruction Works

(3) -
West Dummerston, VT

For safe and cost-effective demolition services, Deconstruction Works is your local solution. We can help your company earn LEED credits, as our process helps to divert as much as 80% of C&D debris away from landfills using our deconstruction/dismantling... more


T&M Equipment

Springfield, MA

T&M Equipment is known in the area for maintaining an updated and ready to go fleet of heavy machinery with capabilities such as laser grading, GPS surveying and electronic estimating. They are experts in a wide range of demolition... more


R.J. McDonald Inc.

Barre, MA

Since 1957, R.J. McDonald Inc. has expanded our knowledge and machinery capabilities to be able to offer a stunning variety of commercial and residential services, like deck removal, structural demolition, fence removal, and more.  more


L & F Construction

Leverett, MA

L & F Construction has been doing demolition and excavation work since 1969. They specialize in trenching and site clearing but offer full services, such as structural demolition and selective demolition projects. more


Mountainshade LLC

Jaffrey, NH

Mountainshade offers several key residential and commercial services, utilizing the latest in heavy equipment to get the project done efficiently and at a budget friendly cost. They offer a full range of site work services, including demolition, excavation, grading, and... more


J Roy Excavating & Paving

Winchester, NH

J Roy Excavating & Paving is located in Winchester, New Hampshire and offers various services to residential and commercial customers in surrounding areas. They specialize in excavation, demolition, and paving work, but also offer other services. more

Commercial Demolition Tips for Ashuelot, NH

Tips for Commercial Demolition

What affects commercial demolition cost?

The main component affecting your commercial demolition cost is square footage, so the first thing you'll want to do is calculate your structure's square footage. 

Calculating the square footage of a square or rectangular building is pretty straightforward—use a measuring tape or laser measure to find the length and width of the room, then multiply them together. But if your structure isn't a simple square or rectangle, then do your best to calculate the property by breaking it down into simple shapes and adding it all together.

Our Commercial Demolition FAQs answer more questions about commercial demo.

How is commercial demolition done?

The most common method for commercial demolition is mechanical demolition—the kind performed with heavy machinery, like excavators, bulldozers, wire rope pulls, wrecking balls, etc.

This equipment requires qualified professionals, and they can create quite a bit of noise and mess. Lots of dust, vibrations, airborne debris, and more are just some of the things that come with mechanical commercial demolition.

The heavy machinery is used to tear down the structure as efficiently and safely as possible while minimizing public health risks.