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Triple D Contracting, Inc.

Lawton, IA
  • Commercial Services
  • Interiors
  • Residential Services
  • Family business
  • Professional and reliable

At Triple D Contracting, Inc., we own excavators, side dumps, payloads, and skid steer loaders with the ability to knock down and haul away anything from garages to multi-story homes. Don't hesitate to contact us today to get a free... more


V's Fresh Start Cleaning LLC

Wakonda, SD

V's Fresh Start Cleaning LLC is a locally-owned and operated business specializing in several key services for homeowners and businesses, including light demolition, junk removal, and commercial waste removal. Our light demo services include deck removal, fence removal, shed demolition,... more


Reker Construction

Adrian, MN

Reker Construction is the contractor to turn to for all your earthwork, demolition, and similar needs. We offer many services to assist customers with whatever project they face. With over 50 pieces of equipment, we can handle a wide... more


Ron Anderson Construction Inc

Sioux Falls, SD

Ron Anderson Construction, Inc. has more than 36 years of experience in the demolition industry. We are proud to serve Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. We take a hands-on approach to each and every project, including house demolition. more


Double D Gravel Inc

Pipestone, MN

Since 1986, Double D Gravel Inc has been serving the Pipestone, Minnesota area. Locally owned and operated for more than 30 years, we specialize in excavating, demolition, and other site work, including house demolition, concrete removal, and more. more


Bouma Excavating

George, IA

Bouma Excavating is proud to provide the Rock Rapids, Iowa area with high-quality house demolition services that they can rely on. Customers turn to us when they need straightforward services that aren't overpriced. more


Vandyke Sanitation

Edgerton, MN

Vandyke Sanitation offers a variety of different demolition services, like interior demo, house demo, pool removal, concrete removal, and more. We offer dependability, experience, friendliness, and professionalism. more

House and Garage Demolition Tips for Kenneth, MN

Tips for House & Garage Demolition

Is deconstruction different than demolition?

Building deconstruction is the careful dismantling of a structure. Often referred to as "green demolition," deconstruction significantly reduces the number of materials clogging up our landfills and harming our environment. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that approximately 250,000 homes are demolished in the United States each year, adding up to roughly 124,670,000 tons of construction and demolition debris. If even a fraction of those homes were deconstructed, thousands of tons of waste would be diverted from landfills. Less stuff in our landfills means positive changes for our environment.