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Ace Excavating logo

Ace Excavating

630 Foley Street, Kalamazoo MI 49001

We are a fully licensed and insured demo and excavation company serving Southwest Michigan since 1997.  Our crew is efficient with any residential project, from taking down larger structures like a home to removal of any unwanted object on the property ...


Wipe Out Clutter

589 White Dr, Coldwater MI 49036

Wipe Out Clutter specializes in junk removal and dumpster rental services, but we also offer light demolition services to meet our customers' needs. We provide prompt project completion and delivery of services, whether you need deck removal, shed demolition, fence ...


Olivue Sand & Gravel

6098 Sherwood Hwy, Olivet MI 49076

Do you have an old shed taking up valuable space on your property? Is there erosion taking place on your land that needs to be controlled? If so, then turn to Olivue Sand & Gravel. Established in 1988, we perform extensive residential ...


Quality Excavators

817 1/2 Industrial Rd., Marshall MI 49068

Located in Bellevue, MI and serving all of Michigan and the Midwest, Quality Excavators, Inc. (QEI) specializes in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal demolition and excavating services. Since 1992, we’ve been raising the bar, setting the standard for high-quality work ...


Christy & Son Sand & Gravel Inc

1070 Christy Dr, Union City MI 49094

At Christy & Son Sand & Gravel Inc, we work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations and do more than our competitors ever have. We are experts when it comes to demolition. We can tear down structures, pools, and everything ...

Based out of Marshall, MI, and servicing the surrounding areas, Vic Parker Trucking & Excavating, Inc., offers demolition and trucking services.


Parrish Excavating, Inc.

1284 E Chicago Rd, Quincy MI 49082

Parrish Excavating, Inc. was formed in 1972 and has built a solid reputation for quality and outstanding service. We are a well established, family-owned demolition and excavation company who provides a wide variety of residential services, including deck removal, fence removal, ...


Clayborn and Sons Excavating

15975 A Dr N, Marshall MI 49068

When it comes to residential demolition services, Clayborn and Sons Excavating is the go-to company for homeowners in Marshall, MI and the greater Battle Creek area. No other company in the area offers higher quality residential demolition, excavating, septic tank ...


Modert Excavating Inc

723 Bawden Road, Bronson MI 49028

Modert Excavating, Inc., has its roots in Bronson, MI and services the surrounding areas. We have on-site experience with both large and small demolition and excavation projects and have undertaken difficult and special attention projects as well. We ...

James E. Fulton & Sons logo

James E. Fulton & Sons

2516 Miller Rd, Kalamazoo MI 49001

Serving all of Southwest Michigan, James E. Fulton & Sons has been providing impeccable residential demolition and excavating services to customers since 1971. As a leader in the industry for more than 45 years, we recognize the realities of demolition, excavating, and all ...


Shimp Excavating

822 Snow Prairie Rd, Bronson MI 49028

Located in Bronson, Michigan, Shimp Excavating serves residential and commercial customers throughout Mid-Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio. Although we specialize in excavating, we also offer demolition, pond creation, maintenance, basements, sand installation, stone installation, topsoil, and much more! Our ...


Markos Excavating L.L.C

8735 2 1/2 Mile Rd, East Leroy MI 49051

Markos Excavating is a full-service excavation company specializing in residential and commercial projects. We proudly service the Battle Creek, Michigan area, as well as Branch, Calhoun, and Kalamazoo Counties. Our company completes each and every project with outstanding quality, unmatched ...

Walt Obrinske Excavating LLC is located in Olivet, MI and serves the entire Lansing area. Since 2004, we have been meeting every challenge thrown at us. We specialize in demolition and excavating services, and we know how to tear down structures ...

Riteway Services, Inc. logo

Riteway Services, Inc.

221 US Hwy 20 Unit L, Middlebury IN 46540

Since 2009, Riteway Services Inc has specialized in high-quality and experienced demolition and debris removal services, including fence removal, shed demolition, deck removal, and more. We strive for excellence in all that we do.


Rutz Trucking Excavating

7171 Card Rd, Reading MI 49274

Rutz Trucking Excavating, based out of Reading, MI, is an excavation specialist that provides demolition services, wet soil mixing, septic/leach drain field installation and other services. We take pride in delivering quality results for a variety of projects. From ...


Mann David C Excavating

6160 Dimmers Rd, Reading MI 49274

Mann David C. Excavating, based out of Reading, MI, is a premier demolition, excavation, and removal company focused on quality results. Our trained staff is committed to efficiency, safety, and staying on budget. Reach out to us today to see ...

Davenport Excavating & Grading Inc logo

Davenport Excavating & Grading Inc

347 S Willowbrook Rd, Coldwater MI 49036

Davenport Excavating & Grading is located in Coldwater, Michigan and serves surrounding customers in the area. We specialize in a wide range of residential demolition services to meet your needs, like excavation, grading, sand and gravel, septic tanks, and much more! ...


Sparks Everett & Sons

1178 Collard Rd, Jonesville MI 49250

If you’re in Jonesville, MI or nearby communities, Everett Sparks & Sons is ready and willing to help you complete your next project, no matter how big or small it may be. Since 1970, we’ve been setting industry standards ...

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Union City, MI

Tips for Deck & Fence Demolition

What material are most decks and fences made from?

The most common types of fences are wood, chain-link, and vinyl, but there are many other kinds, too, like aluminum, PVC, wrought iron, and even bamboo. The most common types of decks are wood, plastic, and even tiling. The removal process is different for each type, so they will vary in difficulty—and price—to remove. If your deck or fence is located in an area where soil has high clay content or is in a tight, narrow space, then removing it could be a serious pain, and you will more than likely want to ditch the DIY option for a professional.