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Northern Excavating & Top Soil Incorporated

Harbor Springs, MI

Northern Excavating & Top Soil Incorporated is an excavation contractor in Emmet County that provides solutions for all types of projects, including concrete removal. more


Sherlund Excavating

Cedarville, MI

Sherlund Excavating is based in Cedarville, MI and proudly serves the greater St. Ignace area. We perform a variety of residential and commercial services, ranging from concrete removal and barn demolition to excavating, commercial structure demolition, and more. more


Bridgewater Excavating

Indian River, MI

Bridgewater Excavating is a local, family-owned demolition and excavation company in the Cheboygan, MI area. Our experienced team of experts is efficient at completing all types of demolition jobs, like concrete removal. more


Spierling Truck & Excavating

Pellston, MI

Spierling Truck & Excavating is a family owned excavating, paving, and trucking company serving Petoskey and surrounding Michigan communities. We can handle all of your excavating and demolition needs, including concrete removal. more


Huyck Vern Trucking Inc

Pickford, MI

Huyck Vern Trucking Inc provides a wide range of demolition services in Sault Ste Marie, MI and the surrounding areas. From commercial building and house demolition to oil tank and concrete removal, our crew does it all.  more


Super M Excavating

Pellston, MI

Super M Excavating is a dedicated and experienced demolition contractor in Petoskey, MI and the surrounding areas. Our list of services includes concrete removal, house demolition, shed demolition, deck removal, and more. more

Concrete Removal Tips for Pointe Aux Pins, MI

Tips for Concrete Demolition Projects

When should I remove concrete instead of repair it?

You should consider replacing your concrete if it has any of the following:

  • Several cracks - deep, wide cracks that are uneven or settled on one side
  • Frost heave - sections of the concrete are pushed up due to frost that occurs in colder climates
  • Settled concrete - caused by the sub-grade's improper preparation

You may be able to get away with simply replacing the concrete if it only has:

  • Hairline cracks - small, thin cracks with no evidence of settling
  • Sunken concrete - caused by heavy equipment or load (e.g., a heavy dumpster) that was placed on the concrete

How much does concrete removal cost?

The cost to remove concrete varies by the amount of concrete that needs to be removed, your area's disposal fees, and how easy it is to locate the concrete that needs to be removed.

If the contractor you hire is able to haul the concrete to a recycling facility, you can save quite a bit of money by no longer having to pay "per ton" dump fees at the landfill.

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