Mobile Home Removal and Disposal in Ezel, KY

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Smith Bros Paving

60 Roberts Rd, Stanton KY 40380

Located in Stanton, Kentucky, Smith Bros Paving offers comprehensive services for both residential and commercial customers. We can tear down countless types of structures, including concrete removal, mobile home demolition, and more.


Red River Ranch Inc

1499 Maple St, Stanton KY 40380

For over 30 years, Red River Ranch Inc has been a leading demolition and excavation contractor in the Stanton, KY area. Our team has the tools and the know-how to complete a variety of projects, including mobile home demolition. 

Mobile Home Demolition Tips for Ezel, KY

Mobile Home Removal Tips

How much does mobile home demolition cost?

The cost to remove a mobile home is relatively inexpensive compared to other removal and demolition projects. The average price is just over $2,600. However, several things will affect this price. For example, if your mobile home has a shingle roof, extra labor will be required and there will be a higher disposal weight/fee. If you have the strength and relative know-how, you can tear apart the most salvageable aspects of your mobile home for scrap on your own, reducing the overall removal cost. The outer steel panels may be a bit of a pain to cut, but the rest shouldn’t be too much work.

The average 12 ft x 60 ft mobile home can be worth anywhere from $200-$700 in recycled metal.