Residential Demolition in Greenwood County, KS

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Pearson Properties

221 N Church St, Burns KS 66840

Owned and operated by a retired Wichita firefighter, Pearson Properties aims to serve the community in a personalized, communal manner in a way only a locally-owned small business can. We go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction! Pearson Properties ...

Leiser Excavating, LLC

2075 Road 20, Hartford KS 66854

Leiser Excavating, LLC is an excavation contractor specializing in a wide variety of residential demolition jobs, including deck removal, fence removal, and shed demolition. 

Deck and Fence Removal Tips for Greenwood County, KS

Tips for Removing Fences

How much does fence removal cost?

The cost to remove your fence will depend primarily on the type of fence you have (wood, vinyl, etc.), the size of it, how easy it is to access, and the contractor you end up hiring to handle the removal.

On average, you can expect to pay around $1-$2.50 per foot of fence removal. However, some fences can reach upwards of $10-$12 per foot.