Oil Tank Removal in Keota, IA

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KJ Haul Away

508 Fairfax Rd, Fairfax IA 52228

Locally-owned and operated by Kyle Ugarph, KJ Haul Away offers exceptional oil tank removal services to residential customers throughout the greater Cedar Rapids, IA area. Through our experiences as a career firefighter and veteran of the Marine Corps, our ability to recognize problems and create solutions, paired with our desire to serve the community, allows us to provide unmatched services.

G & R Miller Construction

1002 W Monroe St, Washington IA 52353

G & R Miller Construction is a third-generation company serving the community since 1954. We offer a level of professionalism and commitment to the customer that few can match. We offer a stunning variety of services for all kinds of customers. Customers turn ...

Bockenstedt Excavating Inc

3500 Dolphin Dr SE, Iowa City IA 52240

Founded in 2007, Bockenstedt Excavating has been a leading contributor to the Iowa City construction and demolition industry for more than 10 years. We are proud to provide our community with exceptional services, including oil tank removal.

Tank Removal Tips for Keota, IA

Tips for Tank Removal

The average cost to remove your oil or storage tank will depend on a number of factors, like the size of the tank, whether or not it's leaking or is considered 'closed,' the location of the tank, and more.

If your tank is leaking, the removal and clean-up process could rocket as high as $30,000 in some cases. If your tank is not leaking, the average underground storage tank removal cost is $1,500-$3,000, and the average above ground tank removal cost is $500-$1,500.