Oil Tank Removal in Berlin, GA

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ADL is a fully insured demolition contractor that has been providing high quality services since 2004. We offer expertise in septic tank removal, oil tank and underground storage tank removal (UST). Call today for the pros at ADL to safely remove your tank. 

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Environmental Audit & Assessment Inc specializes in demolition, engineering, surveying, and environmental site assessment services. We are deeply committed to providing responsible and accurate services, including house demolition, pool removal, and more.

Tank Removal Tips for Berlin, GA

Tips for Storage Tank Removal

Why You Should Remove Your Oil Storage Tank: Both above ground and underground storage tanks have major environmental danger and health risks because of the high potential each poses for leaks. Oil spills from storage tank leaks are the single greatest threat to groundwater quality in the United States today. In the U.S. alone, more than 200,000 sites have been contaminated by underground storage tank petroleum leaks. These leaks may seem insignificant and small at the time, but they can pose a severe threat to the environment and the public health.