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CDP Excavating Services LLC

CDP Excavating Services LLC
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Oswego, NY Area

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CDP Excavating Services LLC is a family owned and operated business serving Central New York including Onondaga and Oswego counties. We started in 1993 and specalize in building demolition, excavation services, concrete removal, and pool removal.

We are fully insured and offer a wealth of experience.   Give us a call today to request an estimate.

Demolition Services: 
  • Home and garage demolition
  • Concrete demolition
  • Interior demolition
  • Swimming pool removal
Additional Services: 
  • Excavating
  • Grading
  • Trenching
  • Asbestos removal and abatement
  • New home site packages
  • Septic systems design and build
  • Basement waterproofing
Verifications & Credentials
  • Liability insurance verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #3101X3746
  • Auto liability insurance verified - $1,000,000
  • Website verified

* Credentials are verified once, but they can change and expire over time. Reconfirm credentials directly from the contractor at the time of the estimate.

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Verified Reviews
Real feedback from real customers
Reviews for CDP Excavating Services LLC
Michael M.
Henderson, NY

I needed a mobile home that is attached to another property demolished. From beginning to end, CDP Excavating Services was terrific. There were no delays on the service and everything was done according to my request. Their service was great and for a reasonable cost—I have no complaints at all.

Nancy H.
Syracuse, NY

Our soggy backyard required a new leach field. Jason arranged for an engineer to perform tests, then based on the engineer’s recommendation, brought heavy equipment and hauled in loads of sand, laid pipes,, put in a french drain, then 6" of topsoil, seeded it, and finally raked the area. We were amazed that Jason and his partner handled it all by themselves, and they completed the work in about a week. Very professional, efficient, and simply nice. We are relieved to have this huge job completed and off our longstanding to-do list.

Leah W.
Oswego, NY

When I had my house demolished last August, I had CDP Excavating Services do the project. They did a very nice job with the project. They cleaned up after the demolition and left the area neat and tidy. I would definitely give them 5 stars!

Meg R.
Syracuse, NY

I chose CDP Excavating Services based on its ratings and am happy to provide my own review now. Jason, Greg, and the CDP crew performed well above my expectations. The price for the work was very reasonable, and they did a lot of hard work! As a demolition company, I assumed they would come in and just rip the stuff down. No, they completely took the pool apart and loaded it on their trailer. I was very impressed. They did the same with the deck. I needed topsoil to fill in the hole that was left, and when I came home from an appointment on Tuesday, Greg already had all of the topsoil down and was raking it out. Next time I looked, he was done. He put down all the grass seed, and I was told how to maintain it. Every evening when they left, they left my yard looking like they were never there. It's rare these days to deal with any company that performs like CDP. I would not hesitate to use them again and will certainly spread the word. Thank you!

Name Withheld
East Syracuse, NY

It was pretty good, but I don't like the way they left mud all over the street. I got a call from the town to get it cleaned up. They threw excess dirt on my lawn, which I wasn't very happy about. The pool was not flattened/leveled according to our expectations, but he claimed that he did everything that my husband wanted them to do. That said, they were very cooperative. I guess I just didn't like the mud situation. They came back and took care of the excess dirt. They couldn't find any straw, and he said he would have to find a farmer to get straw for finishing the pool area grading. The cost was more expensive as compared to other contractors. This spring, he'll come back and re-seed the yard. Jason was very nice and professional from the beginning, and I expected high-quality service from them, but the finished quality work was not according to our expectation.

Name Withheld
Auburn, NY

I wanted our small octagon 5 foot deep inground pool to be filled in and Jason did an excellent job from start to finish. He is a man of his word. When he said he'd be there, he was.When he said he'd call, he did. He kept me in the loop with everything about the project and that professionalism is what I really like about their service. They were very efficient, it only took them 3 days to finish the demolition. It was neatly done and the grass is now growing! Wonderful work!

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CDP Excavating Services LLC

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