Oil Tank Removal in Nogales, AZ

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Southern Arizona Land Services LLC

Hereford, AZ

Southern Arizona Land Services LLC is a licensed and insured demolition and handyman business. We specialize in all types of projects, including oil tank removal. Contact us today to learn more! more


Cerrudo Services

Sierra Vista, AZ

Cerrudo Services is demolition and site work company based in Sierra Vista, AZ. We specialize in providing oil tank removal for both commercial and residential customers. Let us exceed your expectations—contact us today to find out more! more


Expert Renovations, LLC

Salem, OR

Expert Renovations, LLC was opened with the idea of offering customers a level of service and expertise that is parallel to none. Reach out today to learn more. We look forward to working with you on your next oil tank... more


B. East Grading Services LLC

Benson, AZ

B. East Grading Services is your trusted partner for top-tier demolition and excavation solutions in Benson, Arizona. We specialize in various services, including oil tank removal. Get in touch today for a free project quote. more


GRG Construction Company

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Rio Rico, AZ

Since 1989, GRG Construction Co. has been family owned and operated, but we’ve been providing top-rate construction services for more than 95 years. We are a full-service Southern Arizona construction company, fully prepared to meet your biggest and toughest needs. Our... more

Tank Removal Tips for Nogales, AZ

Tips for Tank Removal

How can I tell if my oil storage tank is leaking?

It's pretty easy to monitor an above ground storage tank and spot leaks quickly, but it's not as easy to do so with underground storage tanks. Some of the most obvious signs that an underground oil tank is leaking include:

  • Vegetation in the area of the tank is dead or dying
  • The soil by the tank is darker than surrounding native soils.
  • Heating oil odors can be detected in the house or coming out of the ground
  • Fuel consumption spikes even though the weather isn't colder than normal
  • Your well water develops a strange taste, odor, or color
  • An oily rainbow sheen is visible beneath the tank
  • Fill pipe is stained
  • Water is in fuel lines

Call a tank testing company right away if you see any of these signs.