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Ace Excavating logo

Ace Excavating

630 Foley Street, Kalamazoo MI 49001

Ace Excavating offers professional demolition services with exceptional results for our West Michigan commercial and industrial clients. We have the ability to take down and remove commercial structures large and small. We also offer commercial interior demo..


S.A.T. Rentals, LLC

1627 Holiday Ln, Portage MI 49024

Do you have an old commercial building or apartment complex that needs to be torn down? Are you in need of concrete or pool removal services? Regardless of the type or size of your structure, the demolition crew at S....


Ritsema & Sons

38661 52nd Ave, Paw Paw MI 49079

Established in 1954, Ritsema & Sons has been serving Paw Paw, MI for more than 60 years. They provide a single convenient source for demolition, excavating, and site preparation services to satisfy residential and commercial customers’ needs.


Mercer Septic & Excavating

12518 Dickinson Rd, White Pigeon MI 49099

Mercer Septic & Excavating specializes in dynamic septic services, excavating, demolition, and more. Our team of experts knows what it takes to serve customers in our community, performing commercial demolition, barn demolition, and more.


Graber Construction

63729 Burgener Rd, Constantine MI 49042

Located in Constantine, MI and serving the greater Sturgis area, Graber Construction is proud to offer fast, friendly, and professional services. Their specialties include demolition, excavating, construction, septic tanks and systems, sand and gravel, and snow removal.


Morris Excavating Inc.

69067 S Kalamazoo St, White Pigeon MI 49099

Family owned and operated, Morris Excavating has been serving White Pigeon, MI and nearby areas for nearly 50 years. Specializing in excavating and demolition, they also perform site clearing, site development, grading, and more.


Pease Excavating Inc

42542 6th Ave, Bloomingdale MI 49026

Based in Bloomingdale, Michigan, Pease Excavating Inc specializes in providing exceptional demolition and excavating services. We perform a wide range of demolition services, including commercial demolition, barn demolition, concrete removal, and more.


Deerpath Excavating

7183 Clawson Rd, Eau Claire MI 49111

Deerpath Excavating provides excavating and demolition services you can trust. Based in Eau Claire, MI, we offer a wide range of services, including land clearing, demolition, and road building, at reasonable rates. Our courteous, skilled team is here to ...


Triple D Excavating & Moore LLC

8142 E Eureka Rd, Eau Claire MI 49111

Triple D Excavating & Moore LLC is a demolition and excavation contractor that has been proudly serving the St. Joseph area for over a decade. Among our wide variety of services includes commercial demolition, deck removal, excavation, house demolition, land clearing, ...

James E. Fulton & Sons logo

James E. Fulton & Sons

2516 Miller Rd, Kalamazoo MI 49001

Serving all of Southwest Michigan, James E. Fulton & Sons has been providing impeccable demolition and excavating services to residential and commercial customers since 1971. They also perform trucking, environmental remediation, grading, etc.


Paustian Bros

8632 Pokagon Rd, Berrien Center MI 49102

Very few companies in the Berrien Center, MI area offer more comprehensive services than Paustian Brothers. Since 1956, they've been specializing in excavating and demolition, but they also perform hauling, sand and gravel, and grading.


Cripps Fontaine Excavating

7729 Douglas Ave, Kalamazoo MI 49009

Established in 1995, Cripps Fontaine Excavating, Inc. has been serving Kalamazoo, MI and nearby communities for more than twenty years. Their specialties include demolition, site development, hydro-excavating, and parking lots.


Carporossi Construction

10 W D Ave, Kalamazoo MI 49009

Professionalism, innovation, and results are the building blocks for Caporossi Construction’s success. With years of experience under their belt, they’re leaders in local and regional construction, demolition, and excavating projects.


Remington Excavating

61747 Co Rd 388, South Haven MI 49090

Founded in 1993, Remington Excavating combines high-quality workmanship and great customer service at great prices. They specialize in excavating and demolition. However, they also perform aggregate delivery, pole barn preps, land clearing, pond digging, and more.


Lake Arvesta Farms LLC

107 72nd St, South Haven MI 49090

In South Haven, MI, residential and commercial customers look to Lake Arvesta Farms, LLC when they need professional and responsible services. They perform demolition, excavating, landscaping, sand and topsoil delivery, and more.


Jensen's Excavating Inc

15400 72nd St, South Haven MI 49090

Jensen’s Excavating, Inc. has been providing a high level of service and quality of work to Southwestern Michigan since 1975. Their services include demolition, excavating, grading, drainage, underground utilities, septic installation, and sand and gravel.

Commercial Demolition Tips for Lawton, MI

Tips for Demolishing Commercial Structures

How much does commercial demolition cost per square foot?

According to national averages, commercial demolition costs roughly $4-$8 per square foot. As square footage goes up, the cost per square foot can go down.

There are a number of things that can affect the cost of your project.

Common factors that influence the total cost of commercial demolition include:

  • Type of materials being demolished
  • Total square footage being demolished
  • Cost of living in your area
  • Accessibility of the work site
  • Demolition method used (by hand or with heavy machinery)
  • Complexity of the project
  • Presence of asbestos or other hazardous material
  • Who you hire

How should commercial demolition debris be handled?

It is imperative that you have a clear understanding (and written confirmation) of who will be handling debris disposal. Disposal costs vary quite a bit based on the type of debris, local disposal fees, and how close the demolition site is to the landfill or recycling facility.

Speak with the demolition contractors you speak to in order to see how they will handle the resulting debris, how much it will cost, etc.

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