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1602 Bunn St, Bloomington IL 61701

Accurate Site Specialist Inc. offers a wide variety of services, including demolition. We can demolish houses, mobile homes, barns, and more. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

4 Carri Dr, Bloomington IL 61705

MJE Construction believes that client satisfaction and overall success are achieved through attention to detail, quality engineering, hard work, and client communication. We strive to offer the best construction and demolition services available.

2903 Gill St, Bloomington IL 61704

Tolan’s Excavating, Inc. has proudly served Central Illinois since 1967 offering a wide range of key services, including excavation, demolition, flatwork, septic systems, concrete foundations, and related services. We are capable of handling residential and commercial jobs. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate.

9074 Gemini Rd, Bloomington IL 61705

At Hauptman & Daughters Excavating & Trucking, we take pride in serving residential and commercial customers. We can perform all kinds of demolition, including the removal of houses, sheds, barns, mobile homes, concrete, and more.

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The first step toward getting your demolition project handled properly is getting your home inspected. Next, you'll need to collect all the necessary permits. Most likely, your demolition contractor will handle the permitting process, but this isn't always the case, so be sure you confirm this with them. After the inspection and permits have been posted, it's time for the demolition process to begin. This will vary by which demolition project you're tackling. For example, house demolition will take longer than concrete removal and will be more involved.

Recently Requested Projects

Project: Remove a Wood Deck
Location: Bloomington, IL 61704
complete removal of small lower-level wood deck by Thursday 8/2
Project: Demolish a Barn
Location: Bloomington, IL 61701
I would like a wood she’d removed from my back yard
Project: Demolish Interior Walls, Floors, or Ceiling
Location: Bloomington, IL 61705
There is a shower in the basement I'd like to have taken out. I'd like to keep the plumbing available for a possible wet bar.
Project: Miscellaneous Demolition
Location: Bloomington, IL 61704
Tear down mobile home clear debri.
Project: Remove a Concrete Driveway
Location: Bloomington, IL 61704
Looking for a quote to repair/replace a driveway and path to front door.
Project: Demolish a Manufactured or Modular Home
Location: Bloomington, IL 61704
Would like my trailer demolitioned for scrap sale
Project: Demolish a Small Structure of Outbuilding
Location: Bloomington, IL 61705
single wide mobile home
Project: Miscellaneous Demolition
Location: Bloomington, IL 61705
Mobile Home Demolition?
Project: Demolish a Single-Wide or Double-Wide Mobile Home
Location: Bloomington, IL 61705
demolish and remove mobile home

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