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Founded in 1998, Viking Development Group proudly serves the Atlanta, GA metro area with residential and commercial demolition.

At Viking, we have the experience and specialized equipment required to handle large demolition projects, including house demo and commercial/industrial wrecking.

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Demolition Services: 
  • House demolition
  • Large structural demo
  • (We do not perform small demolition projects)
Additional Services: 
  • Excavation - structural preparation, property clearing
  • Material recycling
Verifications & Credentials
  • Liability insurance verified - $500,000 of coverage, policy #IAPD-H

* Credentials are verified once, but they can change and expire over time. Reconfirm credentials directly from the contractor at the time of the estimate.

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Verified Reviews
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Reviews for Viking Development Group, LLC
Jane N.
Norcross, GA

I went with Viking when I needed my house completely demolished and the site graded. It was a 4-bedroom, 2 story house with brick and wood. I was definitely glad that I went with them. They did awesome and I was very pleased.

Name Withheld
Lilburn, GA

I did not have any problems during the project. Viking did great, and the project just ran smoothly.

Name Withheld
North Atlanta, GA

We wanted to demolish a 2,300 sq. ft. home with a combination of block and wood construction in preparation to build a new one. I had Viking do it for us. They did pretty well overall. The job itself went good but there was some debris that was left behind that the builders had to clean up. I was still very happy with them, though.

Drew W.
Flowery Branch, GA

I needed an interior demolition job done. Removal of tile flooring, old rotted deck and carpeting. It wasn't a big job and the company sent a very strong guy and 2 young guys who ended up doing less than what the other guy did. One guy worked hard doing most of the things to maybe compensate for the lack of contribution of the younger ones. They were all great and nice people, though. They had good attitude and the work got done the way I expected it to be.

Seth M.
Atlanta, GA

I wanted to demolish a single-family home. It was around 1600 sq ft. I went with Viking as they were the one who got right back to me and gave a reasonable price. I would give them a 10! They were efficient and professional.

Parker B.
Snellville, GA

A total of 14,000 sq ft demolition job needed to be done. A house with asbestos siding and two car garage to be demolished and debris removed. These were all made of wood frame. The company did an oustanding job! They have given a lot of their time for this project. The owner, Dan, helped us find the right people to get the asbestos abatement done and everything was done well. They took care of everything from the local and state. They made it an easy project to do.

Zach S.
Atlanta, GA

I needed to demolish and remove a double wide office trailer around 60 ft long. I went with Viking. They did a good job in getting this done. They transported the trailer and donated what they could.

Name Withheld
Cumming, GA

I wanted to remove/demolish a double wide mobile home and basement. The mobile home had metal siding with tin roof setting on steel beams. There was also a two story addition that had been added onto the mobile home. I went with Viking and I was very satisfied with the work they performed. Great people!

Steve S.
Atlanta, GA

Viking did an excellent job taking down our 1,050 sq. ft. house. We didn't run into any issues during the process -- it all went pretty smoothly.

Sam K.
Atlanta, GA

We needed to remove a construction trailer with aluminum roof and wood deck at the front. It was approximately 48x12 ft. We were satisfied with Viking Development. They hauled away the debris and now we already have a new trailer on the site. They did a great job.

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Viking Development Group, LLC

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