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Since 1995, TRW Construction has been providing demolition services to residents of Akron, OH and the Cleveland Metro area. We are a locally owned and operated demolition company and fully licensed and insured to provide demolition and excavation services. Our number one goal is delivering complete customer satisfaction with every project, and we take pride in treating each customer with the respect they deserve.

The team at TRW are experts on residential and light commercial structural demolition, including projects like building demolition and home demolition. We're also skilled in excavation, site preparation and custom home construction. Our main focus is currently home demolition, building demolition and larger scale demo. Give us a call today to get a customized quote for your project.

Demolition Services: 
  • Home demolition
  • Structure demo
  • No garage demolition
  • No small demo projects - shed, garage, mobile home
Additional Services: 
  • Excavation - land clearing, site preparation
  • Site development
  • Custom home construction
Verifications & Credentials
  • Auto liability insurance verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #BAP2229903
  • Liability insurance verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #094603-058344454
  • Workmans compensation verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #094603-058344454

* Credentials are verified once, but they can change and expire over time. Reconfirm credentials directly from the contractor at the time of the estimate.

TRW Construction - demolition contractor
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Reviews for TRW Construction
Jim R.
North Royalton, OH

I was satisfied with the service I got from TRW Construction. They completely demolished a framed ranch style house with a basement and attached garage. I have no complaints about their service. The weather wasn’t good, but they always tried to come back to do their thing whenever they could. We’re going to wait until spring to deal with the grading. At that point, I’m confident that they will do what they promised.

Name Withheld
Sheffield Lake, OH

We wanted a house demolished including the small basement. TRW was so easy to do business with. They did everything they had to do, and I never had any problem with the crew. They returned the site to grade and made sure it was compacted. I have no complaints.

Name Withheld
Broadview Heights, OH

We had a 5,200 sq. ft. building demolished and TRW did the work. They responded to our inquiry in a timely manner and gave us a reasonable estimate.

Omeka H.
Saint Clair, OH

I live in Arizona and I have a rental property in Ohio. The contractor tore down my house and they damaged my walkway to my door steps and they didn't fix it. I took the pictures of the damage and sent it to the manager but I didn't receive any follow through. I brought it up to the contractor and the city. I got an email response from Terry but he didn't show up. I complained with the city but they said that they can't do anything about it because they were not the ones who hired them. I'm still giving them a chance to fix what they damaged.

Nagi A.
Cleveland, OH

I needed a half residential, half commercial wooden-frame house torn down, and I went with TRW Construction for the job. They communicated professionally, were on time, and they answered all my calls.

Sharon E.
Cleveland, OH

I needed a house demolition and I went with TRW Construction for the job. I was definitely happy and satisfied with their work.

Name Withheld
Cleveland, OH

We wanted a house and garage demolished in Cleveland, Ohio. I was more than satisfied with the service that TRW provided. They were fast and efficient, completed the project ahead of time and the cost was really affordable.

Name Withheld
Cleveland, OH

I had a single family house that was damaged by fire. It needed to be demolished. I also wanted to have some grass seeds planted once it's finished off.
The demolition was good, however, there were several expectations that I had on his service, and he was never able to meet those.

First, I was told that every hard surface should be removed, but the driveway was not demolished. I had to follow up with the contractor before they had it completely removed. Unfortunately, the driveway to the house next door was also damaged and it messed up their basement, and of course they were not very happy about it.

Second, he smoothed out the place but no grass seed planted. It was like mud puddles, everyone in the neighborhood was complaining.

Lastly, I sent him a check for the full payment, but the work was never completed according to what we had agreed. It took him more than a couples of months to have everything done, but still, he left out things and I had to contact another contractor to do it.
I was really dissatisfied with the service. It did not go according to my expectations.

Rudy C.
Cleveland, OH

I needed to demolish 4 small unit apartments. The structures were damaged by fire. I had TRW Construction do the work and they were very efficient. There was a delay in the project moving forward but it was weather related which I understood. It got completed quickly even with the slight hold up.

Scott T.
Northfield, OH

I was really satisfied with the work from TRW Construction. They were very responsive and they got the job done! It was a unique house made of old metal and glass. It was in total disrepair and it needed to be demolished.

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