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Based in Pinson, AL and serving the greater Birmingham area, Lamar Moore Excavating is the go-to choice when searching for a local demolition and excavation company. Founded in 1975, Lamar Moore Excavating is one of the most experienced demo and excavation companies in the area, so you can rest assured the job will get done right.

Our demolition services range from small structural residential projects, such as taking down and removing a shed, to larger-scale demolition projects involving a total commercial or industrial demo. We'll leave the job site clean, and we recycle much of the demolished materials.

We look forward to earning your business.  Please call us about your project or request a free quote, and we'll contact you.

Demolition Services: 
  • Concrete demolition and removal
  • Total home demolition
  • Structural - garage, shed, etc.
  • Swimming pool demolition
Additional Services: 
  • Excavation
  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Site recycling
Verifications & Credentials
  • Local license verified - City of Mountain Brook- Contractors license #201300190
  • Auto liability insurance verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #46-859386-00
  • Liability insurance verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #38859386
  • Workmans compensation verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #041-2004-23377

* Credentials are verified once, but they can change and expire over time. Reconfirm credentials directly from the contractor at the time of the estimate.

Lamar Moore Excavating - demolition contractor
Verified Reviews
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Reviews for Lamar Moore Excavating
Pelham, AL

When I needed a commercial building demolished, Lamar Moore Excavating did the job for me. They did a pretty good job. Although it took longer than I expected it to, the outcome was great. I have no complaints at all.

Jim M.
Birmingham, AL

Lamar Moore Excavating did an awesome job demolishing my commercial building. Their crew came on time and were very polite in communicating with all of us throughout the job. They cleared out all the debris when the demo was done. I highly recommend their commercial demolition services.

Linda P.
Oneonta, AL

I needed my 32 ft. by 40 ft. fire damaged home demolished. Lamar Moore Excavating did the job for me. Their crew came on the agreed time, and they were very prompt with their services. I have no complaints at all.

Jeff W.
Pelham, AL

I had a small vinyl pool that needed to be demolished and filled in. They got it all done and taken care of. I was pleased with the service they gave me.

Regina P.
Vestavia Hills, AL

I needed to demolish and fill in an average sized inground pool. They did an awesome job! They had it demolished and filled in with no issues whatsoever.

Jeff W.
Pelham, AL

There was a 20 x 80 ft hole, previously a swimming pool, that we needed filled in. The crew at Lamar Moore Excavating were nice and friendly guys. I felt safe with them working on the house without me being there. I would have given them a higher commendation if not for the fact they have not been answering my phone calls. I just have a question about the top soil that was filled in. Other than that, everything was okay.

Grady L.
Hoover, AL

1700 square foot house had to be demolished after it was burned in a fire. They hauled away all the debris and returned the site to grade. They did great. I had no complaints.

Michelle C.
Gardendale, AL

We had our 1,100 sqft house demo'ed. Work was done by Lamar Moore Excavating. They did a great job. The house was a small wood-framed home with no foundation. I have no problem giving them the highest rating possible.

John F.
Huffman, AL

We hired Lamar Moore Excavating for the demolition of a 1400 sq ft church-owned home. There was asbestos found and it was abated. They also hauled away the debris and leveled out what was left without bringing in additional top soil. The demo company did a fantastic job. We were absolutely pleased with the service. It's an easy 5-star rating for them.

Kathy H.
Birmingham, AL

We had a 2,000 square foot home that was one level with a brick exterior and a small shed. Lamar Moore Excavating was very professional. I am very satisfied with their work.

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Lamar Moore Excavating

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