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Based in Olive Branch and proudly serving the region since 2000, East Shelby Demolition & Pool Removal is your locally-owned source for residential demolition and pool removal services. We specialize in the removal of all types of swimming pools. We do it all from demo to sodding.

We perform demolition of residential structures, including homes, decks, garages, barns and concrete patios/driveways. Additionally, our team offers expertise in excavation & grading, retaining walls, drainage and dirt/sod work.

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Demolition Services: 
  • House & Garage Demolition
  • Swimming Pool Removal
  • Barn Dismantling
  • Concrete Removal
  • Excavating & Land Grading
Additional Services: 
  • Dirt, Sand, Sod Work
  • Retaining Walls
  • Drainage
  • Dirt Hauling
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East Demolition and Pool Removal of Olive Branch, MS
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Reviews for East Shelby Demolition and Pool Removal
Linda M.
Southaven, MS

I made the decision way over a year ago that I wanted to fill in my pool. I knew it would help the value of my home, and the work and expense of keeping up a pool was becoming more than I could or wanted to handle. However, it took me a year of researching the procedure carefully before actually committing. I seriously did my due diligence. I started getting estimates two weeks ago. I not only was very pleased with Jeff of East Shelby Demolition and Pool Removal’s work, knowledge, and professionalism. We were also amazed at how many contractors came to give estimates and didn’t have a clue what really needed to be done. I needed to put my trust and money into a company that knew what to do and how to do it correctly. From the first message I received from Jeff Walters, I knew I had found the person I was looking for. Within 2-3 days from our initial meeting, he and his crew were here to begin. It only took them a bit over a day to complete. They were very careful to make sure my dogs didn’t go too far since they had to remove part of my fence. The fence was put back, the pool was filled in, and the dogs are safe. I am happy. The crew was friendly and knew what they were doing.

James H.
Collierville, TN

We wanted our 18 ft x 36 ft vinyl lined swimming pool filled in. We hired Jeff Walters and his crew from East Shelby Demolition and Pool Removal tore out the liner, removed concrete from around the pool, and filled it in with tons of dirt. They then sodded the ground over the pool area. We were highly satisfied with their work; it was done diligently, quickly, and with accuracy. We felt that they went above and beyond to ensure proper drainage after the pool was filled and the sod was laid. They were very courteous throughout the time it took to complete the job—just 1 and a half days. We would definitely recommend them for any demolition project.

Harold L.
Piperton, TN

Jeff Walters and his crew demolished a 1700 sq. ft. brick home for me. In addition to the house was a 900 sq. ft. barn and a concrete well house. There were also two large concrete slabs, and they planted grass where the house and slabs were. All debris was removed promptly, and I am quite pleased with the work they did. We had great communications, the work was excellent, they worked me in quickly, and the price was fair.

Al F.
Bartlett, TN

I needed a 2,000 sq. ft. house with a garage demolished. I got a lot of responses from different contractors, but East Shelby Demolition gave the best estimate, so I decided to work with them. They did an excellent job. I have nothing bad to say about them at all. They did the job swiftly and smoothly. I highly recommend their services.
They did excellent Jeff Walters

Mark M.
Collierville, TN

Jeff Walters and his crew are hard-working and got the job done as promised. Jeff gave consistent updates and the quality of the work was outstanding. They really know how to work their equipment and they left the lot looking great. They even cleaned dirt and mud from the public street when it got messy. I recommend them highly.

Van W.
Collierville, TN

I needed my pool filled in and am glad I chose East Shelby Demolition. They did a fantastic job and completed the fill in ahead of schedule. I was completely satisfied with the work completed and would recommend East Shelby Demolition to anyone considering to have their pool filled in.

Phil A.
Bartlett, TN

I needed my vinyl liner pool removed and filled in, and East Shelby Demolition and Pool Removal did a good job. Although there was a little shortage of sod, the overall outcome of the job was great. They also did the job quickly. Everything was cleaned out perfectly. The cost of the project was reasonable—maybe a little high, but I feel that I got what I paid for. I have no complaints at all.

Name Withheld
Memphis, TN

I needed an inground pool to be broken up and filled in. East Shelby Demolition did the job for us, and for the first time in our lives, we got exactly what we wanted. First thing I'd like to point out is their behavior, the quickness, the thoroughness of the job, the kind and courteous manner their crew had, and lastly, they came on the time they said they'd come. I have absolutely zero complaints.

Name Withheld

I met Mr. Walters when he was completing a friend's neighbor's pool. He agreed to meet me that afternoon to assess my project. I had others look at my pool who would just stare and say, "That's a big pool. Let me get back with you." Mr. Walters of East Shelby Demolition and Pool had no problem assessing the situation and reassuring me that he could do the job. My lot is not level, and I was concerned with how the drainage would occur after fill-in. He took time to explain the process in detail, and he even spoke with my 80-year-old father who was concerned. Mr. Walters was on-site at all times, completing much of the work himself, as well as working along side his crew. His crew has worked with him for many years, which also made me feel comfortable about the whole project. EVERYONE knew what they were doing! It took 2 1/2 weeks to complete due to weather, but any time he was able to work he was here, even on Saturdays. My yard looked great afterwards, and I have not experienced any issues. Mr. Walters is dependable and honest. I continue to use him for other projects around my home.

Name Withheld

Jeff and his team are excellent and did amazing work. Not only is Jeff responsive and accessible, but he takes extra care to explain everything. We are still amazed at the pace of the work and how he was able to accomplish exactly what he promised on time and on budget. Within the span of 5 days, Jeff and his team removed concrete, structures, trees, shrubs, and deconstructed a pool. When there were minor complications, Jeff was very attentive and was willing to work hard to identify mutually agreed upon solutions. We strongly recommend East Shelby Demolition for a pool removal. He has significant experience and pays special attention to the homeowner's needs.

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East Shelby Demolition and Pool Removal

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