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All American Debris & Wrecking, LLC has been serving Florida with professional demolition services for over 10 years. We are a fully licensed, insured and accredited business as well as members of the National Demolition Association. 

Customer service, safety and quality workmanship are top priority with All American Debris & Wrecking. Call today to schedule your free demolition estimate.


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Verified Reviews

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Review by Yaw B. in Jacksonville, FL

I needed my pool removed and got All American Debris & Wrecking to handle it. They did well, and I have no complaints with their service. Everything happened on schedule. It s just that, because of the rain, there seems to be additional holes that weren t suppose to be there. I ll be calling them back about it but for the pool removal, I was very satisfied with their service and I was very happy with their pricing. I think their price was very good compared to others.

Review by Joshua L. in Jacksonville, FL

I needed a wood panel shed with a metal roof demolished because it was damaged by a fallen tree. All American Debris & Wrecking did a great job, and everything was done according to what I requested. They did it in a timely manner for a very reasonable cost.

Review by Donald H in Jacksonville, FL

I needed my 1,500 square foot house demolished and some trees removed. I got in contact with All American Debris & Wrecking and they did very well with my request. Everything occurred as scheduled. They cleaned out the site perfectly and their crew was very professional throughout the job. I would not hesitate to use their services again!

Review by Allen R. in Jacksonville, FL

I needed to remove a concrete pool that was bigger than the average sized one. It was 8 ft deep on the deepest end, and I wanted to have it filled in. I must say that All American Debris & Wrecking did a great job on it. The pool got demolished, and they filled the hole with topsoil.

Review by Name Withheld in Jacksonville, FL

The guys were fantastic. I wanted to remove our concrete pool that was around 20 ft x 40 ft. They got it all done and they were great.

Review by Irma S. in Jacksonville, FL

I needed to demolish and haul away a double wide trailer that caught fire and burned. All American Debris did an awesome job! They took care of everything right away.

Review by Valencia M. in Jacksonville, FL

I wanted to demolish a brick house which was close to 3000 sq ft. I was definitely satisfied with what he has done. John did a fine job and his estimate was the best among all the contractors I made an inquiry with. He was very personable and nice.

Review by Renee H. in Callahan, FL

I need a 1980s model, single wide, uninhabitable mobile home with two small decks removed. It had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was in bad shape and it was on the property we bought. All American Debris and Wrecking did it and I was super happy with the service they provided.

Review by Charles G. in Jacksonville, FL

All American Debris & Wrecking handled a garage demolition for us. They did a great job! The work was completed pretty quickly, and best of all, they did not mess up anything in my yard. They had to haul away a lot of debris, but the price was very reasonable.

Review by John O. in Middleburg, FL

I needed an inground pool removed. All American did the job and they did fine. I had no issues whatsoever.

Review by Gerry F. in Jacksonville, FL

I needed to demolish a 450 sq ft deck and a 20 ft x 10 ft shed and remove a large quantity of trash and debris. They are on top of their game in the services they provide. I was very satisfied.

Review by Larry H. in Jacksonville, FL

A 3,000 sq. ft. condemned house needed to be demolished to the foundation. I had a really good service from the people at All American, so I used them again for this job. They couldn t be any better -- Great company!

Review by Tony F. in St Augustine, FL

I contracted All American Debris to tackle an interior demolition project at our house. I was really happy with what was done. They did what I needed them to do and they got it done quickly. They were nice people to deal and work with. Hauled away all the debris and left a happy camper!

Review by Bob B. in Jacksonville, FL

I needed a pool made of vinyl removed and filled in. It was an oval shape around 25 ft by 17 ft. Fence needed to be torn down as well. All American Wrecking did the job promptly and overall am satisfied with what they did.

Review by Kelly T in Jacksonville, FL

All American Wrecking removed our above ground pool. It was 23 x 5 ft made out of vinyl. They were awesome. They gave me an amazing discount for the project. They were so nice and they finished the project very quick. I would highly recommend them.

Review by Barry C. in Jacksonville, FL

They removed the partially burned house. It was 1,800 sq ft. All American did the job right. They hauled away all the debris and the site was returned to grade. We have no complaints.

Review by Brenda M. in Jacksonville, FL

We had All American Debris come out to tear down and remove an 8x10 shed with a leaking roof. We also had some extra scrap lumber to get rid of. The price was right for the amount of work that needed to be done and they even had to bring the big truck in for the job. They did an excellent job.

Review by Name Withheld in Jacksonville, FL

We had American Debris & Wrecking demolish a house that had a wood frame and concrete. They did an excellent job.

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