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Ace Demolition is a locally owned and operated Los Angeles demolition company based in Sun Valley, California.  Since 2003, Ace Demolition has offered a wide array of demolition services including structural demolition, swimming pool removal, concrete removal, and more.  We are fully licensed and insured with over 10 years of experience. Our expertise includes soft or hard residential, commercial, and industrial demolition.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service at an affordable price. If you are looking for a demolition company that takes great pride in their work, we are the ones to call.

Demolition Services: 
  • House and garage demolition
  • Deconstruction
  • Concrete removal
  • Swimming pool demolition
Additional Services: 
  • Excavation - Site clear/prep
  • Asbestos removal and abatement
  • Recycling services
  • Full disaster recovery
Verifications & Credentials
  • State license verified - State of California - C21 Contractors License #833408
  • Auto liability insurance verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #BAP0174798
  • Liability insurance verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #MP3861961
  • Workmans compensation verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #1967599-2011
  • Website verified

* Credentials are verified once, but they can change and expire over time. Reconfirm credentials directly from the contractor at the time of the estimate.

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Verified Reviews
Real feedback from real customers
Reviews for Ace Demolition Corp
Tina C.
Winnetka, CA

The demo company removed a 10-ft. diameter spa and large 600 ft wood deck surround. They hauled away all the debris and the area was filled with dirt and graded. They did a great job.

Roberto R.
Burbank, CA

Our 6 x 30 ft. concrete pool was demo'd and hauled away. The site was returned to grade and it's very clean. I am Very happy. There were no complications.

Carson F.
Arcadia, CA

We called Ace Demolition Corp to demolish our standard sized in-ground pool. We are very happy and satisfied with the work they did. The project went according to plan, just as they had told us it would happen. No Complaints.

Jeanne K.
San Marino, CA

We were adding onto the kitchen and needed to take out a wall in the kitchen, the closet, and demolish the bathroom floor. The company that came out was Ace Demolition Corp. They did the work just as they had described it to me and did a good job overall. There was just this a little misunderstanding with the quote. There was this part that we wanted taken out that was not included on the original estimate. But it's okay. No big deal.

Company Response: 
Customer was made aware of the additional portion of the wall that needed to be removed after we were off the job. We offered to take care of it for a very minimal charge just to mobilize a crew and a bin. She said not to worry and the contractor hired to do the remodel will take care of it.
Liz H.
Altadena, CA

Our two-car garage had been converted to a living space with tiles, interior walls, kitchenette and 3/4 bath. We wanted it cleared out and returned to a functioning garage. It was done by Ace Demolition Corp. and we're satisfied with the outcome. They did a great job removing what needs to be removed and put the garage back to working order.

Michael L.
Los Angeles, CA

Ace Demolition Corp. demolished an all-wood house with asbestos, but another contractor performed the abatement. Ace hauled away the debris and returned the site to grade. They did a fantastic job, and I highly recommend their services.

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Ace Demolition Corp

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