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  • 6924 Canby Ave., Suite 120
  • Reseda CA 91335


Ace Demolition is a locally owned and operated Los Angeles demolition company based in Sun Valley, California.  Since 2003, Ace Demolition has offered a wide array of demolition services including structural demolition, swimming pool removal, concrete removal, and more.  We are fully licensed and insured with over 10 years of experience. Our expertise includes soft or hard residential, commercial, and industrial demolition. We are dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service at an affordable price. If you are looking for a demolition company that takes great pride in their work, we are the ones to call.



  • Above Ground Pool Removal
  • Barn Demolition
  • Commercial Building Demolition
  • Commercial Interior Demolition
  • Deck, Shed, Fence Removal
  • Garage Demolition
  • House Demolition
  • Inground Pool Removal
  • Miscellaneous Demolition
  • Mobile Home Demolition
  • Other Building Demolition
  • Residential Interior Demolition

Additional Services

  • Excavation - Site clear/prep
  • Asbestos removal and abatement
  • Recycling services
  • Full disaster recovery

Verified Reviews

Ace Demolition CorpWrite a Review
Review by Donna D. in Canoga Park, CA

Ace Demolition Corp demolished and removed an 8 ft x 30 ft gutted travel trailer for me. They were extremely fast, and they were fully prepared with their equipment so there were never any delays. They gave the best price no one else could beat, and I would definitely use them again.

Review by Martin K. in Venice, CA

I mostly dealt with Paul in the Ace office and found him to be knowledgeable and helpful. I needed to have a prefabricated metal Home Depot storage shed dismantled and cleared from my property. This was quickly arranged and performed, and the price was reasonable. We quickly scheduled the demolition, the two-man crew arrived, and the dismantling went quickly—in only about 15 minutes for this very small job. They carted away the debris, and now the shed no longer embarrasses me with its homely presence.

Review by Ernest G. in Winnetka, CA

I called the California State Licensing Board who informed me that if the demolition job cost more than $500.00, a license was required. I also verified that Ace Demolition had a current license. After informing Eric that the job was his, he scheduled it for a few days later at 7:30 AM on a Tuesday. Jacob, Eric’s father, showed up Tuesday morning half an hour before starting time and surveyed the job. A little while later two workers, Jessie and Ralph, showed up and began the job. An hour and a half later, two additional workers showed up. All four workers had excellent attitudes and performed very well. The whole job from start to completion was well executed and completed by around 11:45 AM. I was completely satisfied with the job and I highly recommend Ace Construction if you want your job well executed, completed on time, and executed by a professional licensed firm at a reasonable rate.

Review by Rick L. in Los Angeles, CA

I needed some demolition work for a house. I hired the services of Ace Demolition for the project and it went well! I was happy with their service. I didn t experience any delays and the site was cleaned out. I am quite satisfied with their work ethic.

Review by Ella Mae in Los Angeles, CA

We had a very old wooden garage that needed to be taken down, and Ace Demolition Corp was quick and very good with their service. Work-wise, they were exceptional. My only concern was the rental Bobcat was left for at our property for 3 days. I was told that it s already out of their hands, so I called the rental company and they told me no one called to notify them that the job was completed. However, overall, the demolition services were good.

Review by James N. in Encino, CA

We contracted Ace Demolition in October 2016 to conduct a demolition of a pool in the back garden of a house we recently purchased in Encino. Overall, I was extremely impressed with the quality of their work. The initial quote we received was extremely competitive, and the final price was exactly the same as the price quoted—no surprises. Eric at Ace Demolition was my main point of contact during the demolition, and he did a great job keeping me informed of the progress and overseeing the whole operation. He was a man of his word and was very professional and polite. All the necessary licenses and permits were obtained and emailed to me prior to the work commencing. It was really important to me to make sure the work was completed within the agreed upon deadline, and Ace didn’t disappoint. The whole job was completed within 1 week. The entire project included draining the pool, demolishing the pool structure, removing the concrete, filling the hole, rebuilding a wall in the garden, and cleaning up the driveway and street. They did great work, and I d definitely recommend them.

Review by Stacy S. in Los Angeles, CA

Ace Demolition Corp demolished my 1,800 sq. ft. house down to the soil. They pulled all the permits and made me aware of the exact process and what I should expect. They were just wonderful—a very professional organization that exceeded my every expectation. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They were very efficient and cost effective.

Review by James N. in Encino, CA

Ace Demolition Corp filled in our swimming pool and removed the concrete surrounding it. The job was perfect and I have no complaints at all. The quoted price was also the exact amount I paid -- there were no added fees in the end. Their service is highly recommended.

Review by Gary G. in Northridge, CA

Ace Demolition Corp did a great job removing two concrete enclosures on my property. These guys were very professional—they showed up on time and finished the job quickly. The price was reasonable too.

Review by Al T. in Thousand Oaks, CA

Ace Demolition Corp demolished and removed my pool. They did a very good job, and I was very happy with their services. Everything was well taken care of.

Review by Cheryl A. in Thousand Oaks, CA

My project was to remove a large pool, over fifty years old, from the backyard. Since I had no clue as to where to begin, I used the computer looking for a pool demolition company and found the “Hometown” site, where ACE Demolition (ACE Demo), among others were listed. I got several estimates but chose (ACE demo) because of their professionalism. After the estimate, within a few days, an in-depth itemized contract was emailed. After signed and faxed to ACE Demo, they took care of everything from obtaining all permits, engineers, soil and other reports to informing me on progression of the job etc... The job was complete in a timely manner, with power steam cleaning of the premises and according to Thousand Oak’s standards. I highly recommend ACE Demo and thank Eric for an ace of a job. It looks as if there was never a pool!!!

Review by Kyung P. in Los Angeles, CA

We had a pool and spa that we wanted removed. Ace Demolition Corp did a good job. Although there was a bit of delay on completing the project, everything turned out good. The pricing was very reasonable too.

Review by Cheryl A. in Thousand Oaks, CA

Ace Demolition Corp removed our inground pool. They gave the best quote out of all the contractors we requested pricing from, and we were not disappointed at all. Their service was very good, and we were very happy with their results. When we look at our backyard, it seems like there was really no pool there.

Review by Ian R. in North Hollywood, CA

I was happy with Ace Demolition. They were great and finished the inground pool removal quickly. They did a wonderful job and cleaned up after. The guys were all very respectful and easy to work with.

Review by Julie C. in Monrovia, CA

We wanted our old inground pool removed because it s so expensive to renovate and keep it up. They were honest and communicated with us in a timely manner. They live up to their word, and were professional and easy to work with. I m super satisfied with their work. It was excellent!

Review by Name Withheld in Los Angeles, CA

We wanted a garage to be demolished and Ace Demolition was very patient with us. I needed to wait for my insurance check. The people there were very good with following up, and were very responsive.

Review by Name Withheld in Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to have the interior of my garage removed. It was made of wood stucco (interior walls). Ace did a great job getting it all done in just five days. I didn’t have any problems with them—they did exactly what we asked. They were on time, helpful, and I’m very happy we went with Ace Demolition.

Review by Name Withheld in Santa Clarita, CA

Ace Demolition Corp demolished and removed a small, inground pool and jacuzzi for me. They did a fine job, made sure everything was done safely and cleaned up everything.

Review by Name Withheld in Glendora, CA

Ace Demolition demolished my inground swimming pool. They did a good job and completed the demolition in a timely manner.

Review by Name Withheld in Tarzana, CA

I m very happy with what Ace Demolition did with our pool. We only wanted a partial demolition of it and they did everything we asked. Always on time and professional to work with. Everything went smoothly and it s worth every dime I paid for.

Review by Blake T. in Northridge, CA

I wanted an inground pool and hot tub demolished, and Ace did a great job. They needed to take down the wall to get in and put it back up, which we had mixed feelings about. Other than that, everything went smoothly.

Review by George G. in Encino, CA

I wanted our old swimming pool removed. The employees at Ace Demolition were very nice and they did an excellent job. Everything was completed on schedule. I hoped for the best and I wasn t disappointed. They also kept me posted with everything during the demo, which was nice.

Review by Erich M. in Chatsworth, CA

Ace was very professional, and excellent in following up. It was good working with them. They gave us all information we needed, and they worked within our calendar. They were very professional and helpful, and I d recommend them

Review by Randy M. in Monrovia, CA

I contacted Ace about the demolition of my in-ground pool. I was impressed with how quickly they responded to my request. We talked about what I wanted to do with my pool and he really sounded knowledgeable. I told him that the concrete around the pool has to be removed and to fill in the hole. He finished it on the day he promised. Very professional and trustworthy.

Review by Name Withheld in Santa Clarita, CA

I had a 32x16 ft gunite pool removed. I went with Ace and didn t have even a single problem working with these guys. I was happy with the service that I got from them. They did a great job!

Review by Richard A. in Sherman Oaks, CA

I had a leaky gunite inground pool which measured around 15 x 30 and just wanted it removed and filled in with dirt rather than having it repaired. Their work was fine, didn t have any problems. I was satisfied with the service that I got from Ace.

Review by name withheld in Newhall, CA

I had a client that needed their pool demolished. We called Ace Demo to do the job. They gave us a fair quote, and the work was done quickly. They were professional and my client said they would use them again.

Review by Name Withheld in South Pasadena, CA

I needed an inground pool demolished. I initially planned to just have it partially demolished but after speaking with Ace we decided to have the whole thing removed. Ace was easy to work with and the job was done beautifully.

Review by Name Withheld in Carson, CA

We needed to demolish a single wide mobile home. The job was done great and the site was left clean after they finished. I was pleased!

Review by Bruce K. in Westlake Village, CA

We had a fire at our 4000 sq ft home. We needed to have the whole house demolished. It was all done with efficiency and I was satisfied with the kind of service that I got from Ace. They were nice and easy to deal with!

Review by Barry S. in Hollywood, CA

I needed to demolish the 2nd story of a house including the staircase. It was done promptly and I was happy. Ace did great!

Review by Ryan G. in Gardena, CA

I have a single-wide mobile home that needed to be torn down. Ace was very professional and quick. They removed the whole thing in one day.

Review by Eva/Joanna K. in Granada Hills, CA

I needed to have our inground pool removed. It was a fairly large pool. I went with Ace Demo for the project. The price was great for the service that we received. They had the pool filled in and took care of everything including the permits.

Review by Son N. in La Puente, CA

I want a pool which can hold up to 15,000 gallons of water removed. The deepest point is at 8ft. The contractor that did the job was great. They did the job well and cleaned up. I am happy with their service.

Review by Imelda S. in Valley Village, CA

I was satisfied with the work that Ace demolition did! They did a very good job! We actually requested for a partial demolition and they did it exactly as we wanted it. They did everything that was stated on the contract.

Review by Name withheld in Northridge, CA

I was happy with the work that was completed by Ace Demolition. They worked on schedule. They also communicated well with me. They did a good job!

Review by Name Withheld in San Fernando, CA

Ace Demolition demolished our swimming pool that was 20 x 40 ft and made out of gunite. They hauled away all of the debris and did a really good job.

Review by Name Withheld in San Fernando, CA

Ace Demolition removed our in-ground swimming pool that was made out of gunite. Everything went pretty good but there was some slight damage to our lawn.

Review by David W. in Newbury Park, CA

We called Ace Demolition to remove a gunite swimming pool. They hauled away all the debris and returned the site to grade. They cleaned up well and did a good job.

Review by Name Withheld in West Hills, CA

We had our 30 x 15 ft pool demo d. They hauled away all the debris and returned the site to a level grade. I am satisfied with their work.

Review by Tina C. in Winnetka, CA

The demo company removed a 10-ft. diameter spa and large 600 ft wood deck surround. They hauled away all the debris and the area was filled with dirt and graded. They did a great job.

Review by Roberto R. in Burbank, CA

Our 6 x 30 ft. concrete pool was demo d and hauled away. The site was returned to grade and it s very clean. I am Very happy. There were no complications.

Review by Carson F. in Arcadia, CA

We called Ace Demolition Corp to demolish our standard sized in-ground pool. We are very happy and satisfied with the work they did. The project went according to plan, just as they had told us it would happen. No Complaints.

Review by Jeanne K. in San Marino, CA

We were adding onto the kitchen and needed to take out a wall in the kitchen, the closet, and demolish the bathroom floor. The company that came out was Ace Demolition Corp. They did the work just as they had described it to me and did a good job overall. There was just this a little misunderstanding with the quote. There was this part that we wanted taken out that was not included on the original estimate. But it s okay. No big deal.

Review by Liz H. in Altadena, CA

Our two-car garage had been converted to a living space with tiles, interior walls, kitchenette and 3/4 bath. We wanted it cleared out and returned to a functioning garage. It was done by Ace Demolition Corp. and we re satisfied with the outcome. They did a great job removing what needs to be removed and put the garage back to working order.

Review by Michael L. in Los Angeles, CA

Ace Demolition Corp. demolished an all-wood house with asbestos, but another contractor performed the abatement. Ace hauled away the debris and returned the site to grade. They did a fantastic job, and I highly recommend their services.

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