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Tips and Laws for Handling Demolition in Nevada

Be sure to do your research so you hire the right contractor.

Hiring the right contractor for your demolition project is the most important thing you can do to make sure your project goes smoothly.

The first criteria your contractor should meet is that they possess a valid Wrecking License in the state of Nevada.

Secondly, they should offer the service you’re looking for and have experience in the field. You can check off both of these boxes with the help of Hometown Demolition Contractors. There, you can read company profiles, verified customer reviews, and request quotes from as many demo providers as you’d like. (We recommend getting a minimum of three quotes.)

You will need to apply for a permit, but your contractor might do it for you.

Each city or municipality throughout the state of Nevada has its own demolition permit application, so no matter where you live, you’ll have to fill one of these out. However, your demolition contractor will often take responsibility for the permitting process, so always be sure to discuss this with them before getting started.

It essentially details all the steps that have been taken to ensure your demolition project will go smoothly and safely.

Get multiple opinions to get the best price.

The best thing you can do to make sure you get the fairest price is: Get multiple quotes for the job. We recommend talking to a minimum of three different contractors in your area.

Don’t just compare the bottom line cost though. You also want to look into:

  • what each cost includes (permits, debris removal, etc.)
  • each contractor’s experience doing that specific work
  • what other customers have to say about them
  • how long it will take them to complete the project
  • payment schedule expectations

Learn more about hiring the right demolition contractor:

Make sure all debris is disposed of safely.

Once the structure is no longer standing, there’s going to be a lot of debris, and you may be responsible for its disposal.

During the initial quoting process, make sure you ask demo providers whether or not they will be handling the hauling and disposing of the debris, and whether or not the price is included in their quote.

If they leave you responsible for debris disposal, then you’ll likely want to rent a dumpster. Dumpster rental is convenient, and it’s easy to find a reliable local hauler in your area with the help of Hometown Dumpster Rental.

If you’re new to dumpster rental and you’re not sure what to expect, check out our Dumpsters 101 guide and our pricing breakdown.

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