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Helpful Tips for Hawaii Demolition Projects

Have your home inspected for hazardous materials prior to demolition.

Before starting demolition, a certified asbestos inspector should inspect your home, or the area in which demolition will take place, for asbestos and asbestos-containing materials.

When conducting asbestos activities, you’ll need to submit an application to conduct them first. Oftentimes, the inspector and abatement expert will handle any paperwork, but confirm this with them before scheduling an appointment.

You’ll need to apply for a permit before you can demolish anything.

The exact requirements for permits will vary from place-to-place, but generally speaking, you’ll need to fill out a form and include various documents, like a site plan that indicates:

  • Project location
  • Lot dimensions and property lines
  • Adjacent street names
  • All structures on property, labeling the structure(s) to be demolished
  • Sanitary facilities, dumpster, temporary fences, etc.
  • Location of all gas/water meters, sewer lines, underground electrical lines, and/or overhead lines/poles

Generally speaking, this will require a permit fee. However, the contractor you hire may handle all of this, including the permit fee, so always be sure to discuss this with them.

Your demolition contractor may be required to have appropriate licensing.

In the state of Hawaii, jobs that require permits or exceed $1,000, demand a licensed contractor. In other words, your demolition project requires a contractor licensed to do so in the state of Hawaii.

Find the right contractor with the help of There, you can read company profiles, see what customers have to say about their services, and request quotes directly from the site.

Ensure the demolition debris is disposed of properly.

If your demolition contractor isn’t responsible for hauling the debris, you’ll have to handle that part yourself.

If your demolition contractor doesn’t include the price of hauling in their quote, renting a dumpster is a great way to get rid of the debris properly. Hometown Dumpster Rental is the simplest way to find a local dumpster rental provider near you.

Learn more about dumpster costs:

Overall, be sure to have your property inspected for hazardous materials, find a great contractor with the help of Hometown, and discuss who will be responsible for acquiring any necessary permits and hauling the debris with the contractor you choose.

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