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Consider deconstruction to save some money (and the environment).

Although demolition is a fast way to tear down a structure, consider deconstruction if that’s an option. This fast-growing trend is a great way to minimize waste going to the landfill. Instead of tearing it all down and hauling it to the dump, deconstruction involves dismantling a structure piece-by-piece and salvaging as much as possible first.

Oftentimes, charitable organizations, like Habitat for Humanity, are willing to deconstruct your home or structure for free in exchange for the materials they salvage. Those materials are then re-purposed in homes that Habitat for Humanity builds or is sold in their ReStores, and can be a tax write-off for you.

Have your structure inspected for asbestos and hazardous materials.

Prior to any demolition project, you’ll have to have a thorough inspection conducted by a certified Delaware inspector to ensure there are no hazardous materials in your home.

For more information on Delaware Licensed Asbestos Inspection Firms and Abatement Contractors, contact:

Office of Management & Budget
Division of Facilities Management
(302) 739-5644
Attn: Doyle Tiller (

Delaware Resources & Contacts:

You must provide notification of demolition.

In Delaware, you’re required to submit a Notification of Demolition or Renovation form 10 days prior to starting demolition, whether there’s asbestos present or not.

A Delaware certified inspector must conduct the inspection. If asbestos is found, a Delaware licensed abatement contractor must dispose of it properly at an approved disposal facility.

Contain that debris with a dumpster.

If your demolition contractor doesn’t include the hauling and disposal of the debris in their quote, then you may want to rent a dumpster to contain all the mess.

Read local company profiles, see what customers have said about their services, and get in touch with them directly—all with the help of Hometown Dumpster Rental.


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