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See our list below of verified contractors for pool removal in Laingsburg, MI.   If you need to tear down and remove a swimming pool on your property, contact a professional demolition contractor with expertise removing above ground and inground swimming pools.  

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Pool Busters LLC is a fully licensed and insured in-ground pool removal specialist. We are experts in swimming pool removal, concrete demolition, and excavation. If you are looking to have a pool removal job completed with the quality and craftsmanship of an engineer, call Pool Busters LLC today.

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No job is too big or small with Browne. They are the local professionals that tackle even the toughest projects. Their team is highly trained in concrete, excavation, building, tree service, landscaping, and demolition.

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Fast. Courteous. Hardworking. This is how Cook Brothers' customers have described their high-quality services and team of professionals. For more than 50 years, they have offered the best in demolition services.

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For more than 40 years, Bowman Excavating, Inc. has been family owned and operated. They perform demolition, excavating, grading, soil removal, road building, site development, land clearing, and more.

Swimming Pool Removal Facts for Laingsburg, MI

Considerations when hiring a pool removal contractor

Is your contractor licensed?

For the contractors license number, check the state of Michigan government website, or browse through the listings here at HometownDemolitionContractors.com.

Ask for a list of references

A reputable contractor will be more than willing to provide a list of recent references. This is one of the best ways to ensure the demolition contractor has a good reputation in the community.

Avoid front-loading Scams

Front loading is a situation where a pool removal contractor asks for a big down payment prior to the job being started. This is a huge red flag. As a rule of thumb, never pay more than 10% of the total quoted cost upfront. All too often, crooked contractors take a huge down payment and never end up doing the work.

Always put the contract in writing

Even if you eventually change certain aspects of the initial contract - always put it in writing! Also understand your right to rescind. In rare circumstances, after signing the contract, you may change your mind and decide to go ahead with a different contractor before the work has started. So with that said, always include a clause in the contract that states how many days you have to rescind from the contract.

Understand mechanics lien

Prior to any work being completed, ask the pool removal contractor to provide a notice regarding lien laws in Michigan. You can also suggest you would like them to obtain and provide lien releases from each of their subcontractors and material suppliers. A lien release is a document that is signed by a subcontractor, laborer or material supplier after they are paid for their work or materials, and it waives any future right they have to enforce a mechanics' lien against your property.

Pool removal permit

Nearly every pool removal job requires a permit of some sort. If you ever plan to sell your home, potential buyers may want to see the permits for any work done on your property, including pool removal. Make sure you know upfront who's responsible for the permit - you or the pool removal contractor? The demolition contractor will typically take care of the permitting process, but make sure it's spelled out clearly in the contract.

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