Hometown is the simple way to find the best local demolition companies for home or building demolition, pool removal, and concrete removal. 

Verified Services and Credentials

Hometown makes it simple to find the right contractor for your demolition project.   We verify the services each contractor performs.  We also attempt to verify contractors' professional credentials, including evidence of a license (if required in your state), liability insurance, and other identifiers that can help validate a contractor's professionalism.

Trusted Contractor Reviews

Unfortunately, many reviews on contractors, good or bad, are faked by someone with a self interest.  Indeed, an entire industry has popped up to write misleading reviews for service providers on sites like Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages and others.  We think this is a big problem, so we carefully human-verify every demolition contractor review to ensure that it comes from an actual customer.   No more reviews from sneaky competitors, company employees, or relatives. A Hometown Demolition review is a real review!

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