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Contractor Success Stories

Hometown Demolition provides demolition marketing and demolition leads for many of the best demolition contractors across America. We're good at it! But don't take our word for it... hear directly from some of the demolition companies we market.

We've increased our sales

I originally interviewed Hometown along with 4 or 5 other companies that promised leads. After a month of Hometown leads, we were completely sold on them. The leads we get from Hometown are of the highest quality and the customer support has been great. We were strictly a roofing company when we discovered Hometown. The roofing leads they were sending were fantastic, so we decided to expand into demolition, which Hometown also offered leads in. We became partners with a local demo company and signed up with Hometown to supply the leads with great results. The partnership has been very good, the leads are excellent, and we've increased our sales in both roofing and demolition. We feel we were blessed to find such a great partner in Hometown.

Erick Offield
Bravo Construction LLC
Lynnwood, WA

Hometown is a very honest company

Hometown is a very honest company and professional to work with. The leads are good and I am very happy with the look of my advertisements.

Richard Clements
Eagle BioMass
McHenry, IL

Quality leads and excellent customer service

Hometown's quality leads and their excellent customer service has been a blessing to DeBuck Construction. Whenever we receive a lead that's of questionable quality, with no questions asked, they note it as "No Charge".

Cindy Clore
Debuck Construction
Shelby Township, MI

I landed the job on the first lead

I like Hometown's demolition leads because I only get charged for jobs that are relevant to me...other companies charge me whether I talk to the customer or not. I landed the job on the first lead that Hometown sent me, so I am very happy.

Dustin Horowitz
Dustin's Concrete and Pool Removal
Perrineville, NJ

Blessed right and left with demolition leads

We've been so busy; we are being blessed right and left with demolition leads and dumpster rental leads. My guys are exhausted working 12-14 hour days as a result. The leads keeps getting better and better, and thanks so much for the additional work. Have ANYONE give us a call to discuss your great lead generation service.

Chris Polley
Chesapeake Recycling and Disposal
Sparrows Point, MD

I was successful from the first couple leads

Van Dine's Demolition & Metal Hauling is a faith driven business. In January, 2012, I started receiving leads from Hometown. I was successful from the beginning with the first couple demolition leads I received.

Working with Hometown, I can see they VALUE QUALITY. Quantity without quality doesn't equal value. Each lead is filtered for quality, Hometown has been a blessing to my company. Thanks!

Scott Van Dine
Van Dine Construction
Bethlehem, PA

Thanks for helping us build our customer base

JACKHAMMER CONTRACTING has been very happy with the marketing provided by Hometown. We've received a lot of quality demolition leads and the customer service is really good. We could not ask for more. Our demolition service has been advertised in an abundant way all over the internet. We really appreciate all the hard work that the team at HOMETOWN has done for helping to build our customer base. Thank you so much!!

Amelia Blake
Jackhammer Contracting
Scottsdale, AZ

A great source for demolition leads

We've had a really good experience with Hometown Internet Marketing. The "pay for performance" structure of their advertising has seemed to work well. We can see and listen to every lead in the Call Tracking Center and we can measure the return of our advertising dollars. It took a week or so for the phone to start to ring, but we've received a number of quality leads since then and it continues to be a great source for demolition leads. The staff have also been very friendly and easy to work with for questions, comments, etc. We highly recommend you give them a try! Thanks.

David Fuller
Construction Waste
Indianapolis, IN