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Van Dine Construction is a safe and environmentally conscientious demolition and hauling company, based in Bethlehem, PA. We offer affordability, professionalism, and attention to detail on every project. We're experts at both interior and exterior demolition, and we serve both residential and commercial customers.

WHAT SETS US APART? We are hybrid demolition, dismantling and wrecking experts. We are strategic in our planning and offer thorough consultations. Our demolitionists can determine the safest, most inexpensive strategy for your demolition project.

Van Dine is customer focused, and safety is our # 1 priority.  We guarantee accurate proposals that fit your budget, and we deliver accurate results according to plan, both of which have made us one of the most outstanding and trusted residential and commercial construction companies in the state.

We deliver a wide range of services on residential and commercial buildings, such as houses, town homes, condos and duplexes. We do it all from modifications, to existing structures, to building completely new structures.

Other Services: Residential -- Commercial-- Industrial--Metal Hauling--Site Development--Concrete--Fires-- Explosions--Site Clean-up--Water towers -- Silos and much more

No job is too big or small for us.  Whether you need to remove a pool, a driveway, or a building ... Van Dine is the company to call.

Demolition Services: 
  • Home demolition
  • Trailer/mobile home demolition
  • In-ground pool demolition
  • Above ground pool removal
  • Concrete - driveways, sidewalks, patios, foundations
Additional Services: 
  • Junk car removal
  • Scrap metal pickup
  • Tree service/removal
Verifications & Credentials
  • State license verified - State of Pennsylvania - Home Improvement Contractor #PA090735
  • Liability insurance verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #82027346
  • Website verified

* Credentials are verified once, but they can change and expire over time. Reconfirm credentials directly from the contractor at the time of the estimate.

Van Dine Construction - Demolition Company
Verified Reviews
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Reviews for Van Dine Construction
Robert S.
Reading, PA

I needed an oil tank removed from our basement that had about 100 gallons left in it. I called Van Dine Construction for the job, and they were just great. They came when they said they would and everything was done according to my request.

Tom Z.
Bethlehem, PA

I need my 16 ft x 32 ft inground pool removed and filled in with dirt. I hired Van Dine Construction for this project. The pool removal part was okay, but when he had to fill it up with dirt, he had to go to the side of my house, and a fence was there. So, he had to remove it, and when he placed it back, it wasn't put back right. However, he went back to fix it. He also hit the neighbor's tree with his equipment, so my neighbor wasn't too happy about that. They had to sign a written agreement about it. It wasn't anything major, but it could have been done better.

David N.
Northampton, PA

I had a 24 ft. round above ground pool that nobody was using that needed a new liner and deck. Although it was an above ground pool, it was set into the ground, probably a foot and a half at some points. Van Dine took the pool down, disposed of it, and backfilled the hole. This was a difficult undertaking because of the weather, limited access from the street, and the close proximity to the neighbors' house. Van Dine always left my yard in tip top shape and managed to skillfully get dirt into my backyard with no damage to the yard or the house. Also, his ability to not affect the neighbors' property was impressive. (It was my biggest concern.) I'm very satisfied with the end result!

Maureen H.
Bethlehem, PA

We had a concrete sidewalk along our garage that we needed removed. I was shifting and cracking and just looked bad overall. Scott came out the same day to give a quote and was able to get the job done as soon as the next day since his company was working on another job right in our area. I was extremely pleased with the entire service from start to finish and would definitely use Van Dine again!

Danielsville, PA

I needed my 14 ft by 56 ft 1974 mobile home removed. I got excellent service from Van Dine Construction. Although there were a couple of bumps along the way, as is common in a demolition project, they handled it professionally and adequately which I appreciated. It was sust a great experience working with them.

Richard F.
Birdsboro, PA

I had an 18 ft x 32 ft concrete pool that was in poor condition and needed to be filled in. I called Scott Van Dine of Van Dine Construction, and he came out the same day to look at it. He explained to me in detail what he would do in order to demolish the pool and save my stone retaining wall. Scott and his crew were very friendly and hard working. They did a great job!

Name Withheld
Oley, PA

I had an in-ground pool that needed to be demolished. I had Van Dine Construction take care of my project. They did a good job in completing my project for me. I would give them 4 stars as a rating.

Richard L.
Nazareth, PA

They worked with us to stay within our budget and cleared up the area nicely. Friendly workers. We also like that they made an effort to repurpose whatever they could from jobs. Would hire again when the need arises.

Name Withheld
Bethlehem, PA

I used Van Dine Construction for the removal of two small slabs of concrete and a walkway. I was very satisfied with their work, and they got the job done in a day. They were quick and were no-nonsense. I would definitely use them again.

Andrew A.
Allentown, PA

We had a 27' fiberglass in-ground pool that was in in poor condition and had to be demolished and removed. Scott did a wonderful job! I expected it to be a complicated job, but their efficiency and expertise was truly remarkable. The guy in charge was very nice. The pool was smoothly removed. I never encountered any single issue with them. They will be back to put down some back-fill, but the overall experience with their service has been great.

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Van Dine Construction

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