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Orr Trucking has grown into a leading demolition contractor in Dallas and is the company to call "when service counts." We focus on superior customer service and make sure every residential, commercial and industrial demolition project is completed with speed and accuracy.

Founded in 2002, Orr Trucking has a highly-skilled team of demolition specialists on-hand to take care of most demolition projects, including home demolition, structural demo, selective interior demolishing, total commercial/industrial demolition and more.

At Orr Trucking, we respect the environment and the beautiful Dallas metro area, so we take pride in recycling demolished material whenever possible. Give us a call to inquire about our many demolition services and get a free estimate on your project.

Demolition Services: 
  • Structure - home, garage, barn, etc.
  • Total demolition
  • Selective Interior - bathroom/kitchen demo
  • Swimming pool demolition and removal
  • Concrete removal
Additional Services: 
  • Material recycling
  • Underground storage tank decommissioning
  • Excavation - site prep/clearing
  • Dumpster rental
  • Portable toilets
  • Dirt and sand hauling
Verifications & Credentials
  • Liability insurance verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #NN269417
  • Website verified

* Credentials are verified once, but they can change and expire over time. Reconfirm credentials directly from the contractor at the time of the estimate.

Orr Trucking and Demolition
Verified Reviews
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Reviews for Orr Trucking and Demolition
Calvin H.
Weatherford, TX

I had a 1,200 square foot house that was damaged by fire, and I needed it taken down. I got the services of Orr Contractors for this project and they did quite a satisfactory job. They came when they said they would and finished the job promptly. No unnecessary damages were left to my property and everything was cleaned out perfectly. Everything was just great!

Concrete Coring Co.
Plano, TX

We needed a 630 sq. ft., 4-inch thick concrete sidewalk demolished and hired Orr Contractors to do it. We are very happy and satisfied with the work they did. They did a good job.

Ray K.
Frisco, TX

I went with ORR Trucking LLC when I needed a house demolished, and they were wonderful. I wanted to demolish a 450 sq ft wooden house on pier and beam, and they were excellent in getting that done! I love those guys!

Name Withheld
Dallas, TX

The wall we had removed was non-load bearing and measured 79’6” wide, 18’4” deep, and 20' high. The wall separated into 3 rooms that were of no use to us. We were also in need of removing three small offices. All of these walls were also non-load bearing. The total square footage of the job was roughly 1,726 sq. ft. I did not have any issues with Orr. Overall, they were fine to work with. They just basically did what we asked them to do and the results were great

Name Withheld
Dallas, TX

I needed to remove a 18 ft long wall with doors and windows in it that are inside of the house going into a sunroom. I would say they did a great job when it came to the demolition but after the job had been completed, the workers asked me for the payment when I already gave ORR what was agreed for the cost.

Jonathan S.
Dallas, TX

I needed a 15,000 gallon gunite pool removed. Orr Contractors filled the hole back in and cleaned up well. I was quite satisfied with their service.

Scott P
North Richland Hills, TX

We had our detached garage taken down and all the debris trucked away. Orr Contractors did the work, and they did a great a job. No complaints. The pricing was great too. They actually came out with lowest bid.

David J.
Dallas, TX

My pool has been nothing but a headache and is always dirty from street pollution. I wanted the pool to be filled in the correct way but the least expensive way possible. The pool is 20x40 and is 12 feet deep at the diving area and 4 feet at the shallow end. I had to have Orr Contractors come out and fill in parts of the pool and I think they did a good job. I did a lot of research before I hired anybody and I don't believe they punched a hole in the concrete bottom of the pool. I only needed the pool filled in and didn't want the concrete broken up. They didn't tell me upfront that they were going to bring in heavy equipments and to expect that my grass is going to be dead. I had beautiful St. Augustine grass and the next thing I know there was nothing but this mound of dirt. I just think that they should tell people that that's going to happen. Also I have spent a lot of money on landscaping that was destroyed too that I planted 3 years ago. They never really gave me a written estimate either but the price was right and I think that they did a good job.

Name Withheld
Allen, TX

I needed to have a concrete slab and driveway removed that is about 2500 square feet. Orr Contractors did a very good job. They were great professionals, punctual and they took care of everything.

Mike J.
McKinney, TX

I had a 30-35 ft long and 17-18 ft wide pool made of concrete that we needed to be partially demolished. Basically, we needed to have a contractor knock holes in the pool and not a complete demolition. I also had the dirt from a nearby dry pond to fill in the pool. Orr Contractors did the job for me and they did fine.

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Orr Trucking and Demolition

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