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based on 34 projects
150 - 120000
based on 34 projects
Roof Awning Demolition in Dallas, TX

We had a 4 x 35 foot flat roof awning torn down, and all the materials removed.

Final Cost: $1,500
Demolition Cost Details:
Tear down awning, haul waste material
Roofing and Siding Demolition in Cleveland, TX

We got a quote from the demo company to remove the aluminum siding and roofing on our trailer.

Quoted Cost: $3,000
Demolition Cost Details:
Remove roof and aluminum siding off a trailer, haul it away
House Inspection in Sparta, GA

Our home was built in the 1920's or 1930's, and it needed to be demolished. We got a quote for the price of the inspection.

Quoted Cost: $400
Demolition Cost Details:
Inspection cost
Concrete Foundation Removal in Alvarado, TX

The project included demolishing about 1,000 sq ft of pier and beam foundation.

Final Cost: $4,500
Demolition Cost Details:
1,000 sq ft of concrete demo and removal
Asbestos Removal in Stockton, CA

We needed asbestos abatement and removal services.

Quoted Cost: $850
Demolition Cost Details:
Asbestos removal
Piano Demolition and Removal in North Hollywood, CA

Two large, old upright pianos need to be demolished and hauled away.

Quoted Cost: $600
Demolition Cost Details:
Commercial Demolition in Garden Grove, CA

We had a demolition of two commercial metal ovens with salvageable materials.

Final Cost: $10,000
Demolition Cost Details:
Demolish and haul away two commercial metal ovens, contractor salvaged the materials and counted against the final bill amount
Property Demolition in Houston, TX

We needed to demolish a property. The house is over 1000 square feet, single-story, wood with a pier and beam foundation. Also the 200 ft long wooden fence needed to be removed. Part of sidewalk and a concrete ramp as well.

Final Cost: $3,200
Demolition Cost Details:
Complete demo of the house, fence, sidewalk and concrete ramp. Permits not included in the price
House and Pool Demolition in Dallas, TX

The project is a demolition of a house with detached garage and a swimming pool. The house is has a pier and beam foundation and is about 1800 square feet. The fiberglass pool is about 6 feet by 15 feet and maybe 6 feet deep with cement around it.

Final Cost: $8,100
Demolition Cost Details:
Cost includes demo and haul-off, back-filling the pool, and permits
Boiler Demolition in Ann Arbor, MI

I am looking for a demolition company that can cut up and remove a Cleaver Brooks 3.2 million btu firetube boiler built in 1961. The doors are very large and probably weigh close to 1,000 lb each. The contractor gets to keep the scrap metal and the value counted against the final bill.

Final Cost: $6,500
Demolition Cost Details:
Large boiler demolition, scrap metal kept by demo company--value credited toward customer's final bill
Playground Demolition in Lithonia, GA

There was a fire in the playground area last year so we needed to remove the playground equipment. There was a slide, monkey bars and some other swing sets made of steel metal.

Final Cost: $1,430
Demolition Cost Details:
Removal of damaged playground equipment
Tennis Court Demolition in Buford, GA

The job was to remove a tennis court. It also has a 10 ft. high fence around it that had to come down.

Quoted Cost: $1,500
Demolition Cost Details:
$1500-$3100 estimate: Tennis court demolition, fence removal
Dumpster Rental in Columbus, OH

Rental of 10 yd dumpster to haul away general construction debris like carpet, wood, sheet rock etc.

Final Cost: $300
Demolition Cost Details:
Rental of 10 yd dumpster
Roof Demolition in Munith, MI

I needed a new roof on my house and garage, and the trusses of the top peak of my home needed to be rebuilt.

Quoted Cost: $8,000
Demolition Cost Details:
Replace the roof, demo and rebuild trusses at peak of roof
ATM Kiosk Demolition in Franklin, TN

Demolition of an ATM kiosk measuring about 5 ft. long, 3-4 ft. wide and 7-8 ft. tall. It was made of metal and brick layers that made look like it was entirely made of brick, and it also had a big canopy. Debris was hauled away.

Final Cost: $1,000
Demolition Cost Details:
ATM kiosk demolition, metal and brick, debris hauled away
Property Demolition in Indianapolis, IN

I'm a builder who was hired by the homeowner to remove a house, porch, foundation sidewalks, slabs, capping sewer and water lines (leaving water pit for replacement construction). Leave concrete pad at easement for future garage drive and all fencing.

Final Cost: $15,000
Demolition Cost Details:
Demolition: Home, porch, foundation, sidewalks, slabs, capping sewer line and water line (leaving water pit for replacement construction), concrete pad for garage left alone as was the property fencing
Garage and Corn Crib Demolition in Hastings, MI

The estimate from the demolition company included taking down a 2-stall garage, small corn crib (probably 10x20 ft.) and debris removal. Not sure yet if slab will be removed

Quoted Cost: $2,450
Demolition Cost Details:
Around $2,000 for demolition and an additional $400-$500 for removal of concrete
Demolition Equipment Rental in Alpharetta, GA

We rented a machine for some demolition work.

Quoted Cost: $2,000
Demolition Cost Details:
$1,000 per day
Concrete Core Drilling in Fort Worth, TX

Drill 12-inch diameter holes through 12-inches of concrete in the garage

Quoted Cost: $225
Demolition Cost Details:
Core drilling
Pool, Deck and Concrete Removal in Howard Beach, NY

Needed to remove an above ground pool and a wood deck. The job also involved taking out a wooden gazebo and concrete in the area.

Final Cost: $8,000
Demolition Cost Details:
Demolition and removal: Above ground pool, deck, all wood gazebo, and concrete removal