What Does It Cost to Demolish a Garage?

Cost to demolish a garage

Taking down a garage or shed is usually a single-day job for a demolition company. Because it’s not as complicated a job compared to taking down a house or inground swimming pool, it costs less. The national average cost to demolish a garage or large shed is $2,100.

Various factors play a role in whether the price to demolish your garage is more or less than the national average. Some of these factors include your location, size of the garage or shed, ease of access, disposal costs, and overall complexity of the job. Let’s examine each one of these and figure out ways to save money on demolition costs in the process.

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Factors affecting the cost of garage demolition

Where you live

Your geographic location plays a major role in how much you’ll pay to for a garage demolition. It comes down to cost of living. For example, it costs more to demolish a garage in Los Angeles than it would in Memphis, TN.

Your distance from the demolition company itself is also important. If you live way off the beaten path and/or hundreds of miles from the nearest demolition company, expect to pay more for services compared to someone who lives just a few miles down the road from the same demo company.

Size of the garage

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. The bigger the garage, the more it will cost to take down. It’s not necessarily that a bigger garage is tougher for the demolition company to take down, the increased cost is more linked to the amount of debris generated. It costs more to haul away all the debris.

Some demolition companies will quote on a per-square-foot basis while others will assess the project in person and give you an estimate based on size, complexity of the project, projected labor involved, etc.

Easily accessible, or not?

If the garage or shed is difficult for the demolition company to get to, this could increase the cost of the demo. If the demolition company is unable to access the garage or shed with heavy equipment and has to do the entire demo by hand, it will take far longer and consequently cost far more than a mechanically demolished job.

Do what you can to improve access to the site; it may help you save a few bucks. For example:

  • Keep the driveway clear of vehicles, kid’s toys, etc.
  • Temporarily remove sections of fencing to improve access
  • Make room in the driveway/yard/street for the dumpster truck or placement of the dumpster for quicker loading

Dumpster and disposal costs

Some demolition companies bring their own dumpster truck to the job site while others have a roll-off dumpster dropped off. Either way, there is a cost associated with dropping off the debris at the local landfill or C&D recycling facility.

Learn more about dumpster rental costs

Dumpster size for a garage demolition

Complexity of the project

Not every demolition project is created equal. There are so many other “little” factors that affect the bottom line cost. Here are a few:

  • Does electrical and/or plumbing need to be turned off or removed prior to demolition? This can increase labor costs.
  • Attached garages typically cost more to demolish than detached garages simply because of the intricacy involved to avoid damaging the main residence.
  • The material the garage or shed is made out of can influence the cost of demolition. A basic stick-built garage or shed would cost less compared to one reinforced with concrete, stone or metal bracing.
  • If some of the garage is to be salvaged, that can increase costs. For example, saving windows and doors.

TIP: Donating salvageable items to a place like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore can earn you a tax credit.

How it’s done

A basic garage demolition project involves prepping, demolishing, hauling away the debris and final cleanup.

How to get the best price on garage demolition

A few simple tips will ensure you get the best price possible on your garage demolition project.

  1. Call around – This is the number one way to save money. Get a quote from at least two different demolition companies, and use competitors’ pricing to haggle for a better deal.
  2. Bundle services -- Save money by combining two services at once. For instance, get your garage demolished and pool removed at the same time instead of doing each project on separate occasions. Other services provided by most demolition companies include taking down decks, pools, houses, selective interior demo, fence removal, concrete removal and tree removal.
  3. Go local – HometownDemolitionContractors.com lists local demolition companies that must verify credentials (e.g., licenses, BBB status, etc.) before getting listed with us. We also publish human-verified reviews and real demolition project costs to give you a level of transparency unheard of in the industry.

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