9 Scary Swimming Pools That Were Abandoned and Never Demolished

It's not uncommon for a swimming pool to out stay its usefulness. Sometimes a pool becomes too costly or too much of a hassle to maintain and they get demolished. Other times, they are simply abandoned and forgotten. We found 9 of the creepiest examples of abandoned swimming pools that were never demolished. Imagine yourself taking a refreshing dip in one of these pools!

1. Two Guns, Arizona, USA

Abandoned inground swimming pool

Via: Adventures of a GoodMan

The city of Two Guns, Arizona is one that quite literally seems to stand still with time. The same can be said for this swimming pool, which once appealed to tourists looking to cool off, but now attracts taggers and graffiti artists looking to make their mark in the creepy bowl shaped eye sore. The old barn building pictured behind the pool once acted as a tourist shop for the city, but it now functions as a make shift home for drifters.

2. Rochester, New York, USA

Abandoned indoor swimming pool

Via: cseward

Over 20 years ago, the University of Rochester decided that it would be a good idea to dispose of some old chairs and desks in one of the schools abandoned swimming pools. No one really knows what led them to this decision, but the bizarre result (a makeshift landfill) is pictured. Crafty, but impractical.

3. Isle of Mann, United Kingdom

Abandoned inground pool art

Via: Distorsion Urbana

This creepy swimming pool is located in Mann, a small island located in the Irish sea between Ireland and Britain, that self-operates under the British crown. The vibrant artwork pictured in the long abandoned swimming pool is the product of a street artist named Phlegm, who decided to tag the decaying surface with a scene from one of his comics. Artistic expression is always great, especially when its as well done as this, but this pool (which faces the sea and offers a magnificent view) could of benefited more from being removed a long time ago.

4. Gurzuf, Ukraine

Empty inground swimming pool

Via: Divine.visions

This pool is located in one of the Ukraine’s most humid and tropical climates, in a resort-like town called Gurzuf, just a few miles up the coast from Yalta. However, it no longer serves the purpose of cooling down the cities locals on a hot day. The Gurzuf pool, which was once a vibrant blue, is now fading into more of a gray, with tiling that is slowly but surely disintegrating. And while that may look like damaged tiling from a distance, it is actually bits and pieces of broken up beer bottles and glass left behind by loiters. Yikes!

5. Durham, United Kingdom

Abandoned pools in United Kingdom

Via: richboxfrenzy

From the 1930s to mid 2008, the City Baths in Durham housed these two swimming pools. The first one pictured was used as a beginners pool, and the second acted as the main swimming pool in the facility, where people would come to practice laps and socialize with others. In 2008, this facility was abandoned entirely to accommodate the city's new leisure facility.  Now, one could imagine Jack Nicholson and family from The Shining hanging out here.

6. Fairfax County, Virginia, USA

Abandoned pool in the woods

Via: Accotink

This leaf filled pool was found in the middle of the woods near Hooes Rd. in Fairfax, Virginia. There are no indications that it is owned by anyone, nor are there any signs or clear markings indicating that the land is private. By almost every account, this pool appears to be very much forgotten about.

7. Former Soviet Military Base, Latvia, Europe

Abandoned pool from Cold War era

Via: Environmentalgraffiti

This pool (if it can still be called that) might be one of the most interesting on the list. It was built during the Cold War era by the 14th Submarine Squadron of the former Soviet military and is located In Liepāja, a city in western Latvia. This pool tells the story of a crumbling soviet military base, one of many Soviet ghosts still lurking from the Cold War.

8. Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA

Abandoned overgrown pool

Via: MilkaWay

This abandoned swimming pool on Jekyll Island has a sad story to tell.  It's part of a mansion called Chichota, which was built in 1897 and purchased in 1900 by the American capitalist and railroad official Edwin Gould. After Gould's son, Edwin Jr., was killed in a tragic hunting accident nearby, the Gould's quickly left the mansion in 1917 and never returned. In 1941, the pool was partially razed, leaving behind a large hole in the ground (as pictured).

9. Rowland, North Carolina, USA

Abandoned motel pool

Via: Trey Ratcliff

This swimming pool, located in the middle of an abandoned motel called "Family Inns of America", has been nicknamed the "chemical pool" because of its somewhat toxic appearance. It also looks the perfect location to film a B-list horror movie.